‘Dirt First’ – Motorcycle Rider Training by MotoVentures

'Dirt First' - Motorcycle Rider Training by MotoVentures

MotoVentures Dirt First Rider Training

The popularity of MotoVentures’ approach to motorcycle rider training among a broad range of motorcycle riders has prompted the creation of a more descriptive training business name.

Effective immediately, MotoVentures training services will be named Dirt First, which perfectly describes the best way to learn how to ride motorcycles. Only the name is changing not the high quality training services. To visually represent the new name MotoVentures commissioned graphic artist Morgan Williams to create the new Dirt First logo above.

The Dirt First approach utilizes light-weight Yamaha recreational dirt bikes that are friendly, appropriately sized and durable to teach almost anyone how to ride motorcycles correctly and safely.

Learning in the dirt first holds incredible benefits for both the riding public and the motorcycle industry. Not only is learning to ride in the dirt first widely acknowledged by all the experts as the best way for beginners, it is also recognized as the best way for anyone trying to improve their current riding skills regardless of what they ride now.

To ride with Dirt First students can bring their own dirt bike and riding gear OR MotoVentures can supply everything: dirt bikes, off-road riding gear and a good location to ride. MotoVentures Dirt First approach is setting a higher standard for motorcycle rider training and in the process is saving lives.

Gary LaPlante (President, MotoVentures Inc.) says: “Our Dirt First training curriculum is very practical with no ceiling or limitations. Our highly qualified, well-trained instructors are capable of teaching everyone from kids to adults and beginners to experts.

“Our students include dirt bike and off-road riders, motocross and trials competitors, dual sport and adventure bike riders and street bike riders too, basically any performance-oriented motorcycle rider. To acquaint yourself with what we teach at Dirt First just pick up a copy of my book; How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles. Inside you’ll find 176 pages and 317 color photos of helpful step-by-step riding instructions.”

MotoVentures Inc., offers rider training services and product sales that all complement each other. MotoVentures has trained thousands of students to ride for the past 15 years operating every week year round at a private, ideally-suited, 350-acre Rider Training Center near the city of Anza in Southern California. For more information go to; MotoVentures.com, send an email to motoventuresinfo@gmail.com, or call Gary anytime toll free at (877) 260-6686.


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