AXO A2 Motocross Boots Unveiled

AXO A2 Motocross Boot

The newest addition to the AXO footwear family, the A2 encompasses technology and comfort in motocross boots while offering supreme confidence all in one great fit.

It is simply in a whole different class of its own. Endorsed by athletes from all over the globe ranging from Supercross to Motocross GP racers, AXO has put the same attention and care to the manufacturing of premium footwear that has been known to be adamant and successful throughout the past few decades.

With over two years of development featuring the newest technology solutions and ideas that have been aimed to improve the safety and comfort of the modern rider, the A2 is what you need to stay confident while keeping your adrenaline running at all times.

AXO A2 Motocross Boot features:

  • A new reinforced nylon anti-torsion ankle brace with a hinge system.
  • AXO engineered aluminum buckles for an enhanced lock/unlock operation.
  • Anti-abrasion upper materials.
  • A breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-sweat 3D shaped mesh lining within the boot.
  • AXO traditional easy-to-replace sole.
  • Designed and produced with plastic molded materials with different levels of density and hardness.

The AXO A2 boot comes in black or white in sizes 5-13 and is now available on or at your local authorized AXO retailer. Suggested retail price is $475.

For more information, please visit or call 1 (877) AXO-RACE


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