Community Classic and Custom Motorcycles Comete Motocycles Presents 'The Glint' - a Short Film

Comete Motocycles Presents ‘The Glint’ – a Short Film

Comete Motocycles Presents 'The Glint' - a Short FilmComete Motocycle’s “The Glint” Movie

What is more natural than a movie to communicate the feeling of liberty ones experience while riding a motorcycle?

This is the observation Guillaume Drapier, founder of Comete Motocycles, and director/photographer Mathieu Maury agreed upon when they decided to work together.

From this was born THE GLINT, the first Comete Motocycles short movie directed by Mathieu Maury.

Filmed in one single day at Cap Blanc Nez – a remarkable location in the Opale coast, located between Belgium and Normandy as well as facing England – THE GLINT tells the simple story of a rider going to meet the sunset on the seaside.

Speaking of the short film, Drapier says “Mathieu simply called me one day before popping up at the workshop and proposed me to work together on a short film. We quickly agreed on focusing the project on the road trip theme and how a motorcycle can transform your daily life into something exceptional.

“We also wanted to communicate the relationship that exist between a rider and his motorcycle as soon as he starts working himself on it, to modify it among other things.”

Mathieu Maury responds, “Instantly it was clear we would shoot the movie in the north of France were we ( Guillaume and Mathieu) were born and raised and which is as far as possible of the idea you have in mind when you think about a road trip. Thanks to the big plains, the seaside and the indian summer light we wanted to communicate the fact that « grandiose » and poetry could be right there, in the front of us. I was only about hitting the road and opening your eyes wide enough.”

Drapier adds “Our goal was really to speak about the magic that you feel, and each biker feels, when you ride on a unique motorcycle toward a goal you are highly looking forward to, a friend, a city, a landscape… If this short movie help only one guy to take the decision to go hit the road then our mission is fulfilled.”

“On this idea of inspiring people to modify their motorcycles and simply go out and ride I will soon publish a free Ebook on the Comete website describing my last road trip – The Edge Of Europe – as well as giving some hints to do the same. A 3000-mile wild camping trip alone with my (Harley Davidson) Sportster from Lille ( North of France) to Tarifa (Sourthern point of Europe, Andalousia, Spain).

About Comete Motocycles

Head in the clouds, dirty hands and a simple idea are at the core of Comete Motocycles’ philosophy: to produce top quality and easy to assemble accessories in France. Comete Motocycles advocates a simplistic approach cen­tred around the satisfaction our bikes bring us: getting stuck in with our own hands; the pleasure of owning a quality, lasting and well-designed product; the proxim­ity and exchanges the biking world enjoys; and the story we create with each transformation of our machines. All this in pursuit of a common goal: to ride whenever the opportunity presents itself, alone or with others, on a unique motorcycle that is characteristic of our style.

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