Mustang Releases Seats for Star Bolt Motorcycles

Star Bolt with Mustang Seat
Star Bolt with Mustang Seat
Star Bolt with Mustang Seat

Star Bolt Mustang Motorcycle Seat

Yamaha seems to have captured lightning in a bottle with the new Star Bolt. Since it first presented to the public during Daytona Bike Week last spring, response to the new Bolt has been overwhelming.

The basic  bike, available in standard and the upgraded R-Spec, has struck a chord with many customizers, while the fuel-injected 950cc air-cooled powerplant seems to resonate with hardcore riders as well. Whether in stock form or fixed up, the Bolt was one of the real sales success stories of 2013.

Steve Veltri (Mustang’s Director of Sales) says: “It is a very versatile platform and just a great all-around motorcycle. About the only thing we could see shorting out was the stock seat.”

So Mustang charged ahead with a range of three seats, matching pillions, back rests and accessories such as studded sissy bar pads.

Starting with the Tripper Fastback™ and progressing to a pair of solo-style seats, Mustang has an aftermarket saddle for virtually every Bolt owner. The two-up Tripper Fastback features a 10″ wide driver seat, cut low to provide good back support for the rider.

Star Bolt with Mustang Seat
Star Bolt with Mustang Seat

The “Fastback” portion of the Tripper seat is tapered in back, but still offers a reasonable degree of passenger comfort. If you prefer to fly solo, then perhaps the Wide Vintage Solo version is the seat for you? The 14” wide front bucket positions the pilot at the ideal cruising angle. Like the Bolt itself, the stripped down Vintage Solo saddle comes without studs or conchos.

A third option is the Wide Solo Seat, complete with optional studs and conchos for those so inclined. The 14” wide front bucket sits the driver at the ideal cruising angle. The optional 10” wide passenger seat extends forward to provide ample back support for the driver. Further increasing the versatility of both solo saddles are the matching passenger seat.

The 10″ wide passenger pads feature Mustang’s unique internal steel support wings to keep the entire width of the molded foam supported. Fully adjustable, easily removable driver backrests are optionally available for both styles of solo saddles. These built-in backrests offer more features than any other backrest on the market and are ideal for longer rides.

Steve Veltri says: “Clean, class, comfort… Mustang has three compelling reasons for Bolt buyer’s to consider swapping saddles.”

Despite being handcrafted in America, Mustang’s replacement seats for the Bolt won’t break the bank, either:

  • Part #75690 Tripper Fastback: MSRP: $319
  • Part #75693 Wide Vintage Solo: MSRP: $319
  • Part #75691 Wide Studded Solo: MSRP: $329

Learn more about Mustang’s full range of replacement seats at