River Road Roadster Vintage | Motorcycle Jacket Review

River Road Roadster Vintage | Motorcycle Jacket ReviewRiver Road Roadster Vintage Jacket Test

Every once in a while we get a product in for review that finds itself in high demand around the Ultimate MotorCycling headquarters. I hear just about every imaginable variation on “Hey, Don, do you need someone to review that?” This time, the sought after goodie is the Roadster Vintage jacket from River Road.

One glance at the buffalo leather jacket and it is easy to see why everyone wants one. The styling is classic and perfectly executed, from the racing stripes on the arms to the masculine leather patches.

The Roadster works great on cruisers and sport bikes (particularly the retro-styled go-fast machines), or for just walking around looking cool.

The medium-weight leather has an authentic pre-worn look, and is very soft to the touch, so people won’t know that you haven’t spent the better part of a decade breaking it in. Yeah, it’s cool, and the Roadster is also practical.

For warmer weather, River Road has equipped it with more vents than you often see in a jacket such as this. Those two horizontal vents across the chest open up to suck in air, with it exhausted through two vertical vents in the back. The venting is effective at various speeds, so it’s a good jacket in the summer, except on the hottest days.

When temperatures drop, you can close the vents and zip in the long-sleeve quilted liner, which will keep you going in temperatures down to the 50s, even on the highway. The liner itself has two pockets with closures (one hook-and- loop, the other button), so your wallet and phone can be tucked away. There are also two zippered outside pockets for keys and such.

Unlike some jackets that don’t fit as well with the liner in, the Roadster fits in both configurations thanks to the thin construction of the liner. I’m a 42, and it fit me perfectly, even though there’s nothing you can do to personalize it. This is a jacket you will want to try on in person before buying, unless you’re a very standard-size guy.

The workmanship is excellent, and the zippers are heavy duty, with River- Road branded pulls—an impressive bit of attention to detail. As I mentioned, the leather is soft and this jacket feels great the moment you put it on. Anywhere you wear the River Road Roadster Vintage, be prepared for compliments. It’s a winner.

For additional information, visit River Road’s website.

Story from the November/December issue of Ultimate MotorCycling magazine. For a digital version, click here.