2014 Honda XR650L | Quick Look Review

2014 Honda XR650L
2014 Honda XR650L
2014 Honda XR650L

2014 Honda XR 650 L

An extremely versatile bike that focuses on the off-road side of dual-sport (it’s based on the old XR600R race bike), the XR650L features ultra-long travel Showa suspension fore and aft, along with an impressive 13 inches of ground clearance.

The venerable air-cooled SOHC four-valve 644cc motor’s 100mm bore is fed by a 42.5mm CV carb. Dirt-bike standard 21-inch and 18-inch wheel combination allows the installation of premium off-road tires.

The XR650L is a classic stalwart Honda, a bike you can pound relentlessly and not have to worry about breaking.  Just keep the chain lubed and adjusted and the air filter clean, and you can pretty much embark on as far flung an adventure as you can dream up.

This is why the 650 has earned such a devoted following over the years. We can only guess at how many memorable moments have come courtesy of this machine.

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2014 Honda XR 650 L Quick Stats:

  • ENGINE TYPE: SOHC single
  • BORE x STROKE: 100mm x 82mm
  • COMP. RATIO: 8.3:1
  • TRANSMISSION: 5-speed
  • WHEELBASE: 57.3 inches
  • SUSP TVL. f/r: 11.7”/11.0”
  • CURB WEIGHT: 346 pounds
  • PRICE: $6690