Alpinestars Tech 8 Light | Motocross and Off-Road Boots Review

Alpinestars Tech 8 Light | Motocross and Off-Road Boot Test

Alpinestars has long been considered a gold standard when it comes to motocross and off-road riding boots, and the Tech 8 Light boots are no exception. The $460 price puts the Tech 8 Lights at a price point $110 below Alpinestars’ flagship Tech 10 boots, but make no mistake about it, these are top of the line boots.

The Tech 8 Lights are latest version of the long running and popular Tech 8. The light version has a 15-percent weight reduction over the previous version. They also feature a new inner ankle sleeve constructed of leather with 3D mesh panels and incorporate adjustable shock absorbing gel inserts on the ankles. For those familiar with the Tech 10 “booty”, this is almost like a half boot that opens up at the toe area.

Other new features include a replaceable kick start protection insert on the right boot, a new closure system, a soft TPU gaiter that provide a seal around the top of the boot, plus a 3D mesh lining reducing heat buildup and improving comfort. In hot weather riding, the perforated shin plate allows air to flow though the boot—important for those of us who live in Southern California.

Compared to the Tech 10, the 8 Lights have a more traditional look and build. They feature a standard design sole (which is replaceable), with a steel toe clip and leather construction on the boots themselves. I really like the look of the of the Tech 8 Lights—just the right amount of cool new boot style, without looking like something a storm trooper would be wearing.

The Tech 8 Lights required a very short break in time, which I accomplished quickly by wearing the boots around the shop. That meant I was able to do our most technical riding straight away without any issues. Comfort has been top notch from the beginning with no binds or pinches anywhere in the boots.

The toe box has a nice large feel, so your toes have some wiggle room while still being small enough to give you a good feel with the shift lever and brake pedal. While these are some of the best fitting and comfortable motocross and off-road boots I have worn, they are still able to offer ample ankle and foot support for those hard landings, or when you put your foot in a place it shouldn’t go.

Complaints? I haven’t been able to find any! Great looks, outstanding comfort, top-notch protection and with the Italian-brand quality (the aluminum snap-down buckles come to mind), they all come together on the Alpinestars Tech 8 Light boots.

Chris Cullins is owner of TEC-Cycles.

Photo rider: Ty Cullins at Milestone MX | Action photography by Don Williams