NUVIZ Ride:HUD Head-Up Display Available for Pre Order on Kickstarter

NUVIZ Ride:HUD Head-Up Display Available for Pre Order on KickstarterNUVIZ Ride:HUD Head-Up Display for Motorcycle Helmets

NUVIZ has launched a Kickstarer campaign where its new Ride:HUD motorcycle head-up display is available for pre-order.

The Ride:HUD – a world’s first head-up display for motorcycle helmets – will be available in summer of 2014. NUVIZ says for a specific pledge amount on Kickstarter, 11 Ride:HUD units are available for pre-order.

Malte Laass (CEO of NUVIZ) says: “We’ve received a very enthusiastic response from motorcyclists. Now that we’ve gone public with the details of the Ride:HUD, everyone is eager to see it in action. We’ve received an overwhelming number of inquiries for pre-orders, and we now have a place to channel these requests.”

The NUVIZ Kickstarter page went live on Thanksgiving Day, and is currently accepting pledges from $5 all the way up to $5,000. There are opportunities for those who want to pre-order, as well as those who simply want to become a backer of the NUVIZ Ride:HUD’s groundbreaking technology.

Malte Laass says: “The NUVIZ Ride:HUD is a very progressive concept, so a new-age company like Kickstarter is a perfect fit for us. Early supporters can order a Ride:HUD for below MSRP, which is on track to be $649. Kickstarter campaign is also an ideal place to find out more about NUVIZ, the team behind it and the technology that is going to redefine the riding experience in 2014.”

Designed to be installed on the chin guard of existing full-face motorcycle helmets—from Arai to Z1R—the Nuviz Ride:HUD combines a variety of existing technologies developed for the United States Air Force (the few organizations that can cover the costs of such advanced R&D) by Holoeye Systems and APX Labs (Nuviz is a joint venture) to bring a true head up display to the sport.

For additional information on the NUVIZ Ride: HUD, click here.