Liberta Motorcycles Launches Road-Legal 1:1 Old School Chopper Kit

Motorcycle Chopper Kit

Who does not remember the good old plastic model kits, from their childhood. Sticky fingers with glue on it, painting parts and at the end of the day, a mini racing car, a battleship or a mini motorbike was the highlight in every children’s room.

Liberta Motorcycles GmbH & Co. KG, got inspired by these wonderful childhood memories and made a further move: Liberta now offers the ultimate DIY kit for adults – a 1:1 scaled Liberta T1-50. An Old School Chopper kit with rigid frame and springer fork for long winter nights.

The ready-built 50 ccm-rigid frame Chopper, with a power of 3.7 kW (approx. 5 HP), can be driven by anyone who owns a driver’s license – a motorcycle driver’s license is not required.

Tom Yamaoka (Head of PR of Liberta Motorcycles) says: “With this DIY kit we are happy to make dreams come true for those who are young at heart: They can screw together a drivable and hip Chopper on their own. Unforgettable, the proud feeling of fuelling the first liter of petrol and starting the engine to drive the first kilometers.”

The DIY kit contains all parts to build the Liberta Chopper, including the 4-stroke-engine (and the MOT approval). One big benefit is that each item can be painted individually or refined. Another good news for Liberta-fans: Liberta Motorcycles are compatible with plenty Harley Davidson-Custom-parts and kits. There are no limits for individualization, customization and creativity.

The kit contains 104 high quality components as well as one Liberta jet helmet (colour: rootbeer brown metalflake) and matching gloves. The Liberta model is supported by a rigid frame, which is made of fully galvanized, powder-coated steel. Other high-quality details such as stainless steel handlebars and rims as well as aluminum footrests complete the bike. The brakes of the 135-kg lightweight Liberta are disc brakes (front and rear).

Even a non-professional with little technical savvy and skills is able to put the parts together and finish the dream bike in nine hours. The ready-built Chopper should be brought to one of six Liberta service stations for a final security check, carrying out the last inspection.

The DIY kit for a roadworthy Liberta T1-50 in actual size starts at 5,950 Euro, or about $8,000 USD (extra shipping charges to U.S.)  – depending on the equipment. The delivery time takes between three to six months, please pre-order here: