Splitlath Redmond EBR 1190RS to Debut at Macu with American Riders

Brandon Cretu's EBR 1190 RS that he'll compete on at the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix
Brandon Cretu's EBR 1190 RS that he'll compete on at the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix
Brandon Cretu’s EBR 1190 RS that he’ll compete on at the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix

Americans Mark Miller and Brandon Cretu to race EBR1190 RS

At this year’s Macu Motorcycle Grand Prix, two Americans will compete aboard the Splitlath Redmond EBR 1190RS – Mark Miller and Brandon Cretu.

Powered by a re-engineered Rotax 1190cc twin-cylinder engine, the EBR promises much with its short wheelbase, light weight and trademark Erik Buell ingenuity. The 1190RS is the predecessor to EBR’s latest machine that will be used in 2014 World Superbike, the 1190 RX.

Macau will be the first time these machines are seen in action outside of the USA, and will be the first time anywhere they have been raced on roads.

Riders Miller, 14 race veteran of Macau and Isle of Man TT competitor, and now in his 4th year with the team, and Brandon Cretu, also a TT competitor,  will have their work cut out for them given their relative lack of familiarity with the bike and short track time in Macau.

Miller, who won’t ride it until the first practice session, is unfazed by his lack of experience on it.

Mark Miller says: “When you add up all the superbikes I’ve raced in the past few years at the TT; MotoCzysz electric, the V4 Aprilia, the 1986 Factory Yamaha FZ750, it cannot be said I haven’t ridden some unusual race bikes in my career!

“Next comes the Buell Superbike. I’ve learned that talking about a bike doesn’t usually translate better than just a few solid laps on the thing so I’ll need to feel it out for myself then incrementally push its limits. I aim to do well on the Buell in the end.”

Cretu was lucky enough to test the EBR1190RS in September and came back very impressed with the machine’s suitability to tight and scratchy circuits like Macau.

Brandon Cretu says: “The EBR is a completely purpose built superbike so not much changes from the street version to the race version. The 1190RS has probably the most torque of any bike I have ever ridden. The thing literally feels like it’s going to rip your arms off!

“You have to be much more mindful of not only your throttle inputs but also your body positioning and body “English” as they call it. The chassis is so stiff and sensitive that even the smallest correction in body positioning can have a huge effect on your line.

“I think it will suit Macau quite well especially now that I hear they have repaved some of the bumpy sections. The bike will be a little bit down on top speed compared to some of the bikes there but I feel we can make up for that in the mountain section of the Guia circuit. The 1190RS flicks very well in transitions and you can carry some great corner speed with it.”

However, the main aim is not to push the EBR1190 to the limit because the venue is not conducive to such extremes on a new machine.

Mark Miller says: “The first order of the day will for all the riders at Macau to have a safe race and go have a beer on Saturday night. Or two.”

Splitlath Redmond aims not to win but to entertain the fans; by bringing new and exotic machinery into the spotlight people get to see and hear something which otherwise would elude them.

The Star River – Windsor Arch Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix gets up to speed on the Nov. 14, with the race set for Nov. 16.


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