Impulse Jackets Interact with Motorcycle’s Brake & Signals (Video)

Impulse Jackets Interact with Motorcycle's Brake & Signals (Video)Impulse Motorcycle Jackets

Impulse Jackets, a new start-up aimed at improving rider safety, has released a motorcycle jacket that wirelessly interacts with a motorcycle's brake and turn signal systems to alert drivers of a motorcyclists' intentions.

Motorcycle jackets have incorporated lights in the past, but Impulse Jackets' patent-pending proprietary technology interacts with your bike's existing turn signal and brake indicators to wirelessly send the information to the jacket. This allows the jacket's super-bright LEDs to amplify your turn and brake intentions.

Chris Esposito (Co-founder of Impulse Jackets) says: "Visibility is everything when it comes to riding motorcycles, but until now there was no wireless solution for a motorcycle jacket with integrated turn signal and brake lights.

"In most cases, the jacket's built-in lights are brighter than the motorcycle's, truly enhancing your visibility in a way no motorcycle jacket has before."

The Impulse Jacket installs easily onto any motorcycle.  Standard 1157 bulbs are provided for brake lights which include built-in transmitters that work with the jacket's computer to relay state-of-vehicle information to the jacket.  The system also works with motorcycles that feature LED lighting systems.  An included battery and charger provide over six days of battery life with normal use, and the jacket plugs directly into the charger.

Esposito thought of the idea when he was forced to slow down in some intense Florida fog and was nearly rear-ended by an SUV.  They spent over a year developing the jacket

Impulse Jackets will be introducing the jackets for sale and pre-order at the AIMExpo motorcycle convention in Orlando, Oct. 16-20.  If attending the show, you can view their products at Booth 828.

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