Aerostich Adjustable Visor Wipe for Helmet Faceshield

Aerostich Visor Wipe

Nothing gets more annoying than lack of visibility due to rain across a motorcycle helmet’s visor. And though more gloves continue to arrive with a visor wiper on the first finger of the left glove, Aerostich has created a simple, cheap device that can help swipe the visor clean during a rain storm – the Adjustable Visor Wipe.

The Aerostich adjustable Visor Wipe strapped to a gloved left-hand finger or thumb allows for a quick, easy way to have a completely clean faceshield with a simple swipe.

The non-scratch silicone rubber squeegee will clean off rain, drizzle or mist and is very helpful in foggy conditions or when cars are kicking up a spray.

Adjustable hook and loop strap ensures a secure, comfortable fit around any size glove digit, making a perfect view of the road only a wipe away.

The Aerostich Adjustable Visor Wipe feature a 1.5″ long squeegee, and retails for $12.

Aerostich Adjustable Visor Wipe Features:

  • Durable, non-scratch silicone rubber squeegee.
  • Adjustable hook & loop strap.
  • Fits all fingers on any gloves.
  • Cleans faceshield quickly.
  • Easy way to achieve a clear view of the road.
  • Better visibility for increased safety.

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