Brough Superior Team Sets Bonneville BUB Record (Photos)

Alan Cathcart aboard 750cc Brough Superior Baby Pendine

2013 Bonneville Salt Flats BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials

Last week, the Brough Superior Bonneville Speed Trials team trekked from Los Angelos to Wednover, Utah, to participate in the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials.

The team, headed by former Formula One race engineers Alastair Gibson and Mick Cook, entered a 750cc “Baby Pendine” motorcycle in the AMA 750AVF class.

And on Sunday, Aug. 25, Baby Pendine made history, creating a new record of 101.3285mph for the class.

The legendary British motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart piloted the Brough Superior to a first run of 97.447 mph for the flying kilometer, and 97.260 for the flying mile. On his return run, Cathcart clocked the 750cc machine at 105.210 mph for the kilometer, and 105.004 for the Mile, creating the new record speed of 101.3285 mph for the AMA 750AVF class.

The Brough Superior team reported that during Cathcart’s run, conditions were perfect in terms of humidity and temperature, and the salt was good en route to the record-breaking time.

Earlier on Sunday, television presenter and Brough Superior team rider Henry Cole also set a record of 99.78 mph in the AMA 750AVF class, which was beat later by Cathcart. During his run, Cole was dealt with less-than-ideal conditions at Bonneville, including heavy headwinds.

Attached above are pictures from event, courtesy of the Brough Superior Bonneville Speed Trials Team.