Fieldsheer Crossroads 2.0 | Motorcycle Jacket Review

Fieldsheer Crossroads 2.0 Motorcycle Jacket
Fieldsheer Crossroads 2.0 Motorcycle Jacket

Fieldsheer Crossroads 2.0 Motorcycle Jacket Test

The ebb and flow of brands can be fascinating to watch. Founded in the 1970s, Fieldsheer built a reputation as a maker of quality, durable motorcycling apparel.

Eventually, Fieldsheer faded from the public eye, but it is now making a comeback with distribution to motorcycle shops nationwide.

Evidence of this return to form is the Crossroads 2.0 jacket. One can hardly think of a better jacket for making your way across town for dinner, or to a neighborhood bike night.

Classy and understated is the best way to describe the Crossroads; it is a jacket you can wear into a nice restaurant without making a loud statement.

This is not to say that the Crossroads 2.0 isn’t a practical riding jacket. With semi-hard armor in the shoulders and elbows, the impact protection is adequate for low velocity rides.

The back protector is softer and more pliable, focusing on comfort rather than the ultimate in safety. Of course, it is always safer to wear a lightweight jacket than no jacket at all, and the armor in the Crossroads can be replaced with higher-performance items, if preferred.

What can’t be changed are the clean lines and the comfort of the Fieldsheer Crossroads. On first wear, it feels just perfect. Velcro belts on each side at the waist mean you can tailor the fit as you like. Action Back stretch panels in the arms and on the back give the flex needed to move around.

Fieldsheer Crossroads 2.0 Motorcycle Jacket
Fieldsheer Crossroads 2.0 Motorcycle Jacket

The Crossroad’s inner liner uses Fieldsheer’s proprietary Rainguard technology to keep you dry, and it works exceedingly well. Still, the outer shell’s microfiber-padded mandarin collar is not ideal for wet conditions, so consider the waterproofing a bonus, rather than a license to ride in monsoon conditions.

At the other end of the spectrum, the venting is minimal. If the temperature gets into the upper 90s, it is time to switch to a mesh jacket, as the Crossroads is not apparel for the height of summer.

Also, with the liner removed, the interior workings of the jacket are visible. Some people might not like the look, but I definitely think it’s cool.

High-end appearance seems to be the focus of the Fieldsheer Crossroads 2.0, yet it is also a comfortable technical riding companion capable of all sorts of duty on and off the bike.

For additional information, visit Fieldsheer.

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