AMA Fast Brain Award Offers Scholarship at Springfield Dirt Track

AMA Fast Brain Award Offers Scholarship at Springfield Dirt TrackAMA Fast Brain Award

At the AMA Dirt Track Grand Championships in Springfield, Ill., this week, the country’s fastest youth and amateur dirt-trackers aren’t just racing for AMA No. 1 plates.

Young up-and-coming riders are also competing for the AMA Fast Brain Award, which includes an educational scholarship for the award winner.

Funded by AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Bill Werner and AMA Board Director Stan Simpson, the 2013 AMA Fast Brain Award and its $1,000 educational scholarship recognize a young racer whose skill on the track is matched by his or her skill in the classroom.

Jeff Massey (AMA Director of Operations) says: “Not only is success on the racetrack important, but so is success in the classroom. We’re proud of the young men and women who strap on their helmets at the AMA Dirt Track Grand Championships, and we’re pleased to recognize a standout rider who also demonstrates the importance of academic excellence.”

The award winner’s selection will be based on performance at the week-long AMA Racing Dirt Track Grand Championships at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ill., June 24-27, as well as official school transcripts supplied at the time of application.

The AMA Dirt Track Grand Championships feature national-caliber competition in half-mile, short-track, TT and mile racing. Classes are run for riders of nearly all ages riding motorcycles on a range of displacements.

In addition to championships in the individual disciplines, AMA Grand Championships are awarded to the riders in each class who have the highest point totals across all four types of dirt-track racing. The fastest riders in premier classes also compete for the AMA Dirt Track Horizon Award, which honors the amateur racer poised for success on the professional level.

Competitors at the AMA Dirt Track Grand Championships field both traditional dirt-trackers and the latest DTX motorcycles, which begin as stock motocross bikes that are then fitted with dirt-track tires, suspension and other modifications.

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