McGuinness & Rutter Unofficially Break TT Zero Record

John McGuinness

2013 Isle of Man TT Zero Qualifying Results

After making history last year, the manufacturers of the TT Zero bikes have pushed the boundaries even further at this year’s TT by breaking the 104.056mph lap record set by Michael Rutter during the 2012 TT Zero race.

TT legends John McGuinness and Michael Rutter shocked critics and supporters alike with practice laps at a record speed of 105.6mph and 104.6mph, respectively in Friday night’s first qualifying session at the 2013 Isle of Man TT Races for the clean emissions machines. The laps are only classed as unofficial as they were not set during a race.

Despite some slight disruptions to the Friday’s practice session, the Morcambe rider managed to establish a 10 second lead on Rutter at Glen Helen on the Mugen machine during the one-lap practice. McGuinness maintained the lead at Ballaugh Bridge and powered through to the Grandstand to finish with a time of 21:25.32 (105.650mph).

Only 13 seconds behind was Midlands rider Rutter with a time of 21:38.15 (104.631mph) on the MotoCzysz machine. Rutter’s MotoCsysz team-mate Miller also broke the 100mph boundary, lapping the Mountain Course with a time of 22:07.37 (102.328mph), which was quicker than his lap time in last year’s race.

The MotoCzysz team suggested that they could be even more competitive this year at the unveiling of their new machine at the TT Grandstand on Thursday afternoon. The impressive outfit from the USA have won the TT Zero race since 2010, and their performance at last night’s practice certainly lived up to expectations.

Welshman Ian Lougher went out on Japanese rider Yoshinari Matsushita’s Komatti-MiraiRacing team machine in tribute to his friend who was killed earlier in the week in the Supersport qualifying session.

Other riders out in the session included local riders Dave Moffitt on the MANTTX Racing bike with a time of 28:15.85 (80.0943mph) and Chris McGahan on the Vercarmoto who crossed the line with 29:12.50 (77.5051mph). Antonio Maeso and Paul Owen completed the group of riders out in the session.

The TT Zero race is due to go ahead on Wednesday 5th June at 10:45 a.m.