Alphyn Industries Delta 415 Premium Jeans | Review

Alphyn Industries Delta 415 Premium Jeans | Review

Delta 415 Premium Jeans Test

With spring in full bloom, I was finally able to try out the new Delta 415 jeans from Alphyn Industries, Inc. that I obtained over the winter.

Hand made in San Francisco, the Delta 415 jeans are not per se an official riding pant in terms of padding, but they definitely have the motorcycle/cyclist in mind.

The jeans are more a hybrid…something you would be comfortable wearing out for an evening with friends as well as a weekend cruise to get lunch.

The jeans are a deep indigo color and are made from wax coated 100-percent cotton denim. The thigh area on the right leg actually has an outer zip pocket (3×5 inch) that is designed to store and protect your cell phone.

So what you say? Well, when you unzip the pocket (patent pending WEARCOM) and open the flap, you are able to see and control your phone without removing it from the pocket.

Access to the screen is made possible through the special advanced touchscreen film and from what I’ve seen so far, it works very well…even after washing the pants multiple times.

The pocket also has a button hole so you can thread your headphone wire from the pocket. I didn’t have to use it because my helmet is equipped with Bluetooth.

I’ve gotten multiple compliments from other riders, and the Delta 415 Premium jeans seem to be getting better the more I wear them. I find the Wearcom pocket to be an excellent accessory when cruising around town. It’s perfect for listening to music and accessing Google Maps when trying to find that new restaurant I’m meeting friends at.

Alphyn Industries, Inc., has other products available so if you are interested in some new denim head on over to and see what you can find.