BMW Motorrad Releases the Navigator Adventure GPS

BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure GPS
BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure GPS

BMW GPS Navigation System

BMW Motorrad has released an upgraded version of its Navigator IV GPS system – the Navigator Adventure.

The new Navigator Adventure features universal software, longer battery life and free lifetime map upgrades. Besides motorcycles, the Navigator Adventure can be used for other outdoor activites, including cycling, hiking, or sailing, and BMW offers a car-installation kit.

The BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure makes touring on unfamiliar routes easier, safer and more relaxing. A 4-inch touch screen with flexible orientation enables you to determine your current GPS position quickly and precisely even in thick forests or between tall buildings.

The dual battery system with the rechargeable lithium ion battery pack gives the Navigator Adventure up to 16 hours of battery life. Using conventional AA batteries increases this to 22 hours.

The customizable menu structure is particularly user-friendly. A configuration profile for use with motorcycles is set as the default and can be changed as necessary. In the main menu, up to 16 controls from the “Destination Entry”, “Settings” and “Short Commands” menu items can be configured individually according to frequency of access. The speed of access without switching between the screen windows offers users optimum usability. In addition, automatic switching between day and night modes ensures good readability at all times.

For outdoor activities, the BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure has an integrated electronic 3-axis compass with incline correction and a barometric altimeter.

BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure GPS
BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure GPS

GPX files for geocaching are supported and are transferred directly to the Navigator Adventure (for example from the website). Important information about finding geocaches, such as position, terrain and level of difficulty, as well as information and descriptions, can be read directly from the display.

The BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure, which has a water-proof housing, allows data such as waypoints, tracks and geocaches to be stored in the calendar, so that the activities can be reproduced at a later point. In addition, the Navigator Adventure is compatible with Custom Maps, enabling personalized map data to be generated on the basis of electronic maps, which can then be loaded on the navigation system. The MicroSD map slots make it possible to load more map data, such as topographical maps for hiking or cycling.

The BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure is supplied with a mount cradle for secure mounting on the motorcycle, while a vehicle-specific mount can be ordered separately. It can be used as an alternative to the Navigator IV on all BMW motorcycles except the new R 1200 GS, the K 1600 GT and the K 1600 GTL. The same vehicle specific mounts are used in each case.