Saddlemen: ‘Waterproof Pak’ Storage Packs for Motorcyclists

Saddlemen Waterproof Storage Packs

Not all motorcycles have waterproof luggage, and not all apparel is waterproof. But this shouldn’t prevent motorcyclists from getting precious items wet, such as cell phones or electronic tablets, in case of rainfall.

This is where Saddlemen comes in with its Waterproof Pak storage packs.  These Waterproof Paks, which are offered in handy Lanyard or Handle-Top versions, offer protection from water, moisture and dust. Either wear the lanyard around the neck under a jacket, or toss bigger items in the handle-top versions for added protection in saddlebags, tankbags or bookbags.

Each translucent pouch is made of a tough rubber-like marine vinyl that keeps the elements out and whatever possessions safe inside. These pouches feature wide heat-welds around the edges and a two-stage sealing system to ensure that nothing gets in or out.

The translucent pouch walls allow motorcyclists to easily identify packed cargo.

The Waterproof Paks are available in two different styles and a total of five different sizes to accommodate a variety of items.

Saddlemen Lanyard Waterproof Paks:

The two Lanyard Waterproof Paks are designed to house smaller items like cell phones, wallets, travel documents or other personal items. Both the small (5.5” x 3.4 inches) and large (6.0” x 4.5”) versions feature nylon lanyards with an adjusting bead to fit securely around your neck or to attach to a piece of luggage.

Saddlemen Handle-top Paks:

The large Handle-top Paks can fit laptops, documents or even articles of clothing from dust and moisture.

The three Handle-Top Waterproof Paks are designed for larger items like full-size documents, some laptops, clothing items and more. The small (14.2” x 13.0”), medium (15.75” x 9.5”) and large (19.7” x 13.7”) Handle-Top Paks feature an incorporated carrying handle that also serves as an extra level of waterproof sealing.

Saddlemen Waterproof Paks:

  •     3550-0168   Small Lanyard Pak   MSRP $7.95
  •     3550-0169   Large Lanyard Pak   MSRP $8.95
  •     3550-0170   Small Handle-top Pak   MSRP $13.95
  •     3550-0171   Medium Handle-top Pak   MSRP $14.95
  •     3550-0172   Large Handle-top Pak   MSRP $15.95

Saddlemen Waterproof Paks are available through Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties dealers. For additional information, log onto