Corbin Trunk Armrest & Cup Holder for Can-Am Spyder

Corbin Trunk Armrest & Cup Holder for Can-Am Spyder 2010-2013 Can-Am Spyder Corbin Armrests and Cup Holder

Corbin has released Trunk Armrests and a Cup Holder for the 2010-2013 Can Am Spyder, the latest addition to the Corbin modular lineup.

The armrests give your passenger a usable area to rest their elbows where their arms fall naturally at their sides. Generously sized and shaped to allow for a wide range of statures, Corbin armrests angle outward to facilitate getting in and out of the passenger seat.

The armrests are covered in the same materials as your Corbin saddle for a totally integrated look. In the right side armrest, they have built in a mounting point for future developments.

Note: Corbin’s armrests will work with the stock or Corbin trunkrest. Installation of the armrests is a significant project that requires much of the trunk area to be disassembled. This is not a difficult procedure, nor does it require special tools, but it does require some time and quite a bit of assembly/disassemble.

Corbin also offers a cup holder molded specially for their Spyder Can Am armrests. Bolts on easily and fits a wide range of cup / bottle sizes. Vacuum formed with leather texture ABS to blend in nicely and withstand the elements.


  • Trunk Armrests-$293
  • Cup Holder for Armrests-$141

For those interested in obtaining more information on Corbin, you can reach them at 800-538-7035 or online at

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