KTM Stunt Rider Bagoros | ‘Rok on’ Tour Summary (Video)

Rok Bagoros Video

The 2012 year was really stunning for factory KTM stunt rider Rok Bagoros, who pilots a KTM Duke 125/200 and Duke 690.

Everything gradually came together in last couple of months when heat raised and he started the “Rok on” tour in South America before completing the full season at the EICMA motor show in Milan, Italy. The intensity was brutal as he performed in Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Guatemala, Peru, Slovenia, Malaysia, Germany and finally in Italy. Ten weeks, nine countries and three continents!

While on tour, Bagoros had a chance to meet his fans: “To see all this people yelling my name and cheering, asking for autographs, for a photo with me, that just gave me incredible boost and motivation to train even harder and longer. Sometimes I train and hone my stunt-riding skills late in to the night, in hot or freezing cold weather, and even when there is around me all covered in snow. I don’t mind the elements! I just want to follow that ultimate goal to become the best stun rider in the world. Sometimes I think I’m in a dream, but than I realize that this is all real – cool!”

Not more than a year ago, Rok was just a kid on a Duke 125. But he is now recognizable also on big KTM Duke 690 where he is rapidly honing his aggressive but fluid riding style.

Rok Bagoros says: “‘I want to bring people around me the feeling they are at the rock concert and not just a stunt show, full of adrenaline and emotions’ added young rebel stunt rider.”

Attached above is a video summarizing Bagoros’ tour in South America. For additional information, check out Rok Bagoros Facebook page.


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