Alpinestars Fastback Waterproof Shoe | Review

Alpinestars Fastback WP Shoe Test

Growing directly out of the 2011 style of its Fastlane Boot arrives Alpinestars’ 2012 Fastback WP (waterproof) Shoe.

I was not an immediate fan of the Fastback’s yellow on black theme (also available in all black), but I grew to love them and their look in a short amount of time.

This riding shoe is the next step up for Alpinestars, and it is encouraging to know that a company like A-Stars is always pushing the envelope when it comes to design.

The upper part of the shoe is made of a combination of textile and oiled suede that’s backed with an integrated waterproof and breathable membrane. That upper membrane also boasts a microfiber that helps wick away moisture.

I got caught in a rainstorm recently while on a trip to Virginia, and was delighted to learn that when the A-Stars team says this boot is waterproof, they are serious. By the time I got to my destination, my feet had remained completely dry.

Break-in for these shoes occurs rather quickly, and once they are at that point, they feel completely comfortable. I read a consumer review somewhere that said, "It’s fine for short trips off the bike but definitely not a daily walk around option."

Clearly that consumer had not broken the shoe. Once the Alpinestars Fastback WP shoes are broken in, you could wear these babies all day and then some. They are so plush that they might appear deceptive in their protective abilities. I asked myself, "How can something that feels as soft as a slipper possibly protect my feet?"

While shoes may be soft and pliable, they also have external TPR protection on both sides of ankle area, and a lateral TPU toe protector as well as one for your heel. The sole is kept rigid thanks to an integrated metal shank and the tall arch support is extremely durable. The Fastback’s rubber sole features a low-profile forefoot for flexibility and provides good ground grip when coming to a stop as well as great footpeg grip.

Overall, I would rate this riding shoe as one of the best all-around shoes you could hope to find. I use these frequently while teaching Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) courses. They are so light, comfortable and protective that walking around the riding range and even the classroom is an absolute pleasure.

If you want a boot that mates comfort with solid protection, get a pair of Alpinestars Fastbacks. Learn more about this riding shoe and all the other trend-setting products from Alpinestars at

Alan Tecchio is a freelance writer based in the NY metro area who has interviewed hundreds of celebrities. He is an avid motorcyclist and active Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach. Alan is the lead singer of the rock band Autumn Hour and also sings for the heavy metal band Seven Witches.


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