Ducati: 20th Anniversary Monster Lineup

2013 Ducati Monster 20th Anniversary Editions Pics & Info

The year was 1992. The man, Miguel Galluzzi.

The designer was out to save Ducati with a radical new idea – build a stripped-down, low-cost streetbike with the famed performance of the bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer.

Galluzzi took the 904cc air-cooled, 90-degree L-twin, two-valve “Desmodue” engine from the 900SS, and mounted it in the 851/888 superbike’s trellis frame. Galluzzi also used a fork from a 750SS, this new creation basically built from the Ducati warehouse part’s bin.

When Ducati unveiled the bike at the INTERMOT International Motorcycle Show in Cologne in 1992, it was called the Monster. This soon-to-be called “naked sportbike” saved the then Cagiva-owned company from financial turmoil.

How? The Monster provided a less costly invitation into the world of high-performance Ducati motorcycles. And the market responded well to this bike that began the “naked” motorcycle craze; eventually, the Monster would make up more than two-thirds of overall Ducati sales.

The M900 (name denoting Monster and 900cc) was followed by the M600 and then the M750. There was also the S4 and S4R, which arrived the four-valve engine used in the STS sport tourers, and the SR2 800 and SR2 1000. Then there was the 620, which was replaced by the 695 and ultimately the 696, which is available today along with the 796 and 1100EVO.

And for the 2013 model year, the Ducati Monster celebrates its 20th Anniversary. And to honor this history, Ducati is releasing each model in its 2013 lineup – the 696, 796 and 110EVO – in Anniversary editions.

These 20th Anniversary Monsters, which like the original model arrive with the Desmodue engines and signature trellis frame, are offered in special color schemes, along with other key components with different finishes.

Ducati says: “The Anniversary edition’s striking livery of red with bronze frame is further complemented with gold-colored brake calipers and front disc carriers and, on 1100EVO, gold-colored brake and clutch master cylinders. While the headlamp support has a chrome finish, the triple clamp, fork bottoms and swingarms are all finished in grey.

“Further model-defining features are champagne colored fork bodies and a custom finished seat with Monster ‘93-style fabric recalling some of the features of the model’s first introduction 20 years ago. The retro ‘Ducati 1986′ font is used on the single-seat cover and for the retro-style ‘Ducati’ on the fuel tank which, unlike standard 696, 796 and 1100EVO, also has the centre panel of the tank finished in red to recreate an authentic feeling of the original Monster. The Anniversary model is also equipped with the original Monster-style mirrors.

2013 Ducati Monster 20th Anniversary Highlights:

Color treatments:

  • Ducati red bodywork including fuel tank centre panel
  • Bronze frame o Gold brake calipers
  • Gold front disc carriers
  • Gold brake and clutch master cylinders (1100EVO only)
  • Champagne front fork bodies
  • Grey swingarm o Grey engine outer casings
  • Grey lower triple-clamp
  • Chrome headlamp support

Restyled components:

  • 90’s style rear-view mirrors
  • 90’s style seat fabric

Additional features:

  • Retro “Ducati 1986” font used for model name on single-seat cover
  • Retro “Ducati 1986” font used for “Ducati” on fuel tank

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