KTM’s ‘Behind the Machine’ Episode 3 (Video)

2012-ktm-behind-the-machine-episode-three-videoKTM Behind the Machine Webisode Series

In the third episode of KTM’s “Behind the Machine,” titled “Life in Transition,” the “Ready to Race” manufacturer discusses the will of the team mid-way through the pursuit of the AMA Motocross Championship.

Speaking of the third episode, KTM says: “it was a year and a half ago and KTM was midway through their Pursuit of a Championship. With Mike Alessi out, the weight of winning fell on the shoulders of two-time World Champion Marvin Musquin and veteran Andrew Short. But the unavoidable disasters that the sport provides will test the will of the team once again.”

The series, which features eight webisodes, documents KTM’s pursuit of the outdoor AMA 450 Motocross Championship through the past three seasons. KTM has partnered with Red Bull to launch the series, which is directed and produced by Troy Adamitis of Adamitis TV.

KTM says: “Throughout the series, viewers will hear interviews from the Red Bull KTM Team members and riders as they live through the highs and lows of the past seasons. The series will conclude with the arrival of KTM’s first 450 Motocross title earned by Red Bull KTM rider Ryan Dungey.”

A new episode is expected to launch every Wednesday.


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