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2012 Moto3 Championship

Spoiler Alert: 2012 Moto3 Championship results from Motorland Aragon, Spain, listed below

In an exciting Moto3 race at the Gran Premio Iveco de Aragón it was RW Racing’s Luis Salom who emerged victorious for the second time this season in front of Sandro Cortese and Jonas Folger.

Blusens Avintia’s Maverick Viñales dramatically suffered a technical problem on his out lap, leaving the title challenger unable to contest his home round. Once the race did get underway it was Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3’s Folger who got the holeshot and led the early stages ahead of Salom. Moto FGR’s Jasper Iwema was also unfortunate as he crashed out on the second lap, followed by Bradol Larresport’s wildcard Jorge Navarro.

AirAsia-SIC-Ajo’s Zulfahmi Khairuddin made a brave move three laps in to take the lead from Folger, taking Red Bull KTM Ajo’s Cortese with him. A lap later, JHK t-shirt Laglisse’s Efrén Vázquez also started charging up the field into fourth, sticking to the back wheel of Folger until he was able to take him up the inside for third. The German was under pressure a few laps later heading into turn one and was handed down the grid further, as Estrella Galicia 0,0’s Alex Rins joined the front-runners.

In true Moto3 fashion, the leading group, consisting of 13 riders, was changing positions frequently, with Cortese taking the lead with 14 laps left. This group thinned out to seven riders three laps on, with Rins’ teammate Oliveira and Racing Team Germany’s Luis Rossi hanging on at the back. On the same lap Team Italia FMI’s Romano Fenati retired with a small oil leak. Six laps before the end it was heartbreak for Khairuddin as he crashed out of the race, putting an end to the young Malaysian’s charge.

Three laps on and Vázquez’s teammate Adrian Martín crashed out at turn two, as the lead was starting to swap frequently at the front as rider started to attack for the lead. And the last lap once again proved a thriller as Cortese, Salom and Folger went fairing to fairing until almost the final turn, with Salom showing none of the effects of his big crashes in the preceding sessions.

And in the end it was the Spaniard who took the chequered flag for his second win this year ahead of Cortese and Folger. With Viñales’ retirement this now puts Cortese 51 points clear at the top of the championship, with Salmon now in second, 15 points ahead of Viñales. Fourth spot went to Cortese’s teammate Danny Kent, with Vázquez, Rins, Rossi, Estrella Galicia’s Oliveira, Red Bull’s Arthur Sissis and San Carlo Gresini Moto3’s Niccolò Antonelli rounding out the top ten.

2012 Motorland Aragon Moto3 Results:

Pos. Points Num. Rider Nation Team Bike Km/h Time/Gap
1. 25 39 Luis SALOM SPA RW Racing GP Kalex KTM 148.8 40’56.391
2. 20 11 Sandro CORTESE GER Red Bull KTM Ajo KTM 148.8 +0.155
3. 16 94 Jonas FOLGER GER Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3 Kalex KTM 148.8 +0.362
4. 13 52 Danny KENT GBR Red Bull KTM Ajo KTM 148.8 +1.115
5. 11 7 Efren VAZQUEZ SPA JHK t-shirt Laglisse FTR Honda 148.8 +1.160
6. 10 42 Alex RINS SPA Estrella Galicia 0,0 Suter Honda 148.7 +1.765
7. 9 96 Louis ROSSI FRA Racing Team Germany FTR Honda 148.7 +1.839
8. 8 44 Miguel OLIVEIRA POR Estrella Galicia 0,0 Suter Honda 148.7 +1.972
9. 7 61 Arthur SISSIS AUS Red Bull KTM Ajo KTM 148.7 +2.415
10. 6 27 Niccolò ANTONELLI ITA San Carlo Gresini Moto3 FTR Honda 148.7 +2.587
11 5 84 Jakub KORNFEIL CZE Redox-Ongetta-Centro Seta FTR Honda 148.7 +2.845
12. 4 19 Alessandro TONUCCI ITA Team Italia FMI FTR Honda 148.7 +3.067
13. 3 23 Alberto MONCAYO SPA Andalucia JHK t-shirt Laglisse FTR Honda 148.6 +3.763
14. 2 31 Niklas AJO FIN TT Motion Events Racing KTM 147.9 +14.899
15. 1 12 Alex MARQUEZ SPA Ambrogio Next Racing Suter Honda 147.9 +15.041
16. 41 Brad BINDER RSA RW Racing GP Kalex KTM 146.7 +36.470
17. 32 Isaac VIÑALES SPA Ongetta-Centro Seta FTR Honda 146.6 +37.422
18. 9 Toni FINSTERBUSCH GER Racing Team Germany Honda 146.6 +37.457
19. 8 Jack MILLER AUS Caretta Technology Honda 146.6 +38.312
20. 29 Luca AMATO GER Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3 Kalex KTM 146.4 +40.831
21. 89 Alan TECHER FRA Technomag-CIP-TSR TSR Honda 146.4 +40.849
22. 17 John McPHEE GBR Caretta Technology KRP Honda 146.3 +41.879
23. 30 Giulian PEDONE SWI Ambrogio Next Racing Suter Honda 146.3 +42.044
24. 58 Juan Francisco GUEVARA SPA Wild Wolf BST FTR Honda 145.5 +55.896
25. 99 Danny WEBB GBR Mahindra Racing Mahindra 145.1 +1’02.687
26. 51 Kenta FUJII JPN Technomag-CIP-TSR TSR Honda 144.3 +1’18.055
27. 80 Armando PONTONE ITA IodaRacing Project Ioda 144.2 +1’18.374
Not Classified
26 Adrian MARTIN SPA JHK t-shirt Laglisse FTR Honda 146.8 3 Laps
95 Miroslav POPOV CZE Mahindra Racing Mahindra 144.4 4 Laps
63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN MAL AirAsia-Sic-Ajo KTM 148.8 6 Laps
5 Romano FENATI ITA Team Italia FMI FTR Honda 147.6 11 Laps
49 Jorge NAVARRO SPA Bradol Larresport Honda 138.0 19 Laps
53 Jasper IWEMA NED Moto FGR FGR Honda 92.5 19 Laps
Not Starting
25 Maverick VIÑALES SPA Blusens Avintia FTR Honda 0 Laps

2012 Moto3 Championship Points:

Pos. Rider Bike Nation Points
1. Sandro CORTESE KTM GER 245
2. Luis SALOM Kalex KTM SPA 194
3. Maverick VIÑALES FTR Honda SPA 179
4. Romano FENATI FTR Honda ITA 120
5. Alex RINS Suter Honda SPA 106
6. Danny KENT KTM GBR 83
7. Alexis MASBOU Honda FRA 81
9. Miguel OLIVEIRA Suter Honda POR 74
10. Jonas FOLGER Kalex KTM GER 72
11. Efren VAZQUEZ FTR Honda SPA 70
12. Niccolò ANTONELLI FTR Honda ITA 69
13. Louis ROSSI FTR Honda FRA 68
14. Arthur SISSIS KTM AUS 58
15. Jakub KORNFEIL FTR Honda CZE 58
16. Alberto MONCAYO FTR Honda SPA 52
17. Hector FAUBEL Kalex KTM SPA 52
18. Niklas AJO KTM FIN 23
19. Alan TECHER TSR Honda FRA 21
20. Alessandro TONUCCI FTR Honda ITA 18
21. Alex MARQUEZ Suter Honda SPA 16
22. Jack MILLER Honda AUS 14
23. Ivan MORENO FTR Honda SPA 10
24. Jasper IWEMA FGR Honda NED 9
25. Luca GRUENWALD Honda GER 8
26. Giulian PEDONE Suter Honda SWI 7
28. Adrian MARTIN FTR Honda SPA 6
29. Brad BINDER Kalex KTM RSA 5
30. Marcel SCHROTTER Mahindra GER 4
31. Kevin HANUS Honda GER 3
32. Isaac VIÑALES FTR Honda SPA 2
33. Kevin CALIA Honda ITA 2
34. John McPHEE KRP Honda GBR 1
35. Michael Ruben RINALDI Honda ITA 1
36. Simone GROTZKYJ Suter Honda ITA 1


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