Motorcycle Inspiration: ‘Go Somewhere: Lake Quinault’

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Adventure Motorcycle Videos

True adventure riders are not only driven by motorcycles, but also the beautiful landscapes where their motorcycles can take them.

And one group that has a hold on this idea is Curbsyde Productions, which began a series of YouTube videos titled “Go Somewhere.” The basis of the series is simple – inspire adventure motorcyclists to “go somewhere.”

The first video in this series was recently uploaded by Touratech-USA, the clip titled “Go Somewhere: Lake Quinault.”

During this clip (attached above), the folks at Curbsyde Productions join some of the Touratech-USA staff, and take a ride to camp under the stars at Lake Quinault on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

Lake Quinault is a natural destination ride the adventure motorcyclist; it’s located in the glacial-carved Quinault Valley in western Washington, an area in the only temperate rain forest in the northern hemisphere.

Stay clicked to for additional videos as they become available. For other inspirational adventure motorcycle videos, check out the YouTube channels of Touratech-USA and Curbsyde Productions.


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