Highway to Havasu | ‘Ultimate Weekend’ Package

Ultimate Motorcycling rides the “Highway to Havasu” with McGraw Powersports

Motorcycles and jet skis go together like racing fuel and high speed. And this October, it’s the recipe for a VIP weekend in Lake Havasu, Ariz.

The McGraw Powersports “Highway to Havasu” event series has culminated at the Jet Ski World Finals for three years running. McGraw is lakeside for all the excitement, as riders from 35 countries fight it out for a world championship. This is 80+ MPH racing, on a tight track that’s always moving. Crazy stuff.

Roaring into 2012, McGraw brings something new to the party – the H2H Ultimate Weekend, powered by Ultimate MotorCycling magazine. Now everyone can experience the best party in powersports, with a VIP package at Lake Havasu during World Finals, Oct. 5 -7.

Ultimate MotorCycling President Arthur Coldwells says, “I’ve been to Lake Havasu for the Jet Ski Finals, and it’s nothing but excitement…the rush is much like motorcycle racing. And since jet skis and motorcycles are the perfect pairing, we got involved with the ‘Highway to Havasu’ event, offering riders the ultimate self-guided getaway to the IJSBA World Finals.”

The weekend gets rolling with your self-guided ride to Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Get some friends and get on your motorcycles. What a way to start the weekend. Featured rides include:

Beach Ride – LAX to LHC

From Santa Monica, Calif., to Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

Desert Ride – PHX to LHC

From Tempe, Ariz., to Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

Anywhere Ride – YOU to LHC

From Anywhere to Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

Once you hit Lake Havasu, you’ll plug into a VIP weekend package. Great hotel. Huge pool. Exclusive parties. Souvenir swag. Yeah, this is the ultimate weekend for any rider.

The H2H Ultimate Weekend package includes:

  • Hotel – The Nautical Beachfront Resort (2 nights). Includes breakfast. Featuring the largest Infinity pool in Arizona.
  • H2H Party – Kokomo Night Club. Friday night. Drink specials. Giveaways.
  • VIP Access – IJSBA World Finals. Saturday and Sunday. Includes ground transportation.
  • H2H Reception – Heat Hotel. Saturday night. Includes light dinner and drinks.
  • Souvenir Swag – Shirt. Hat. Laminate. More.

The H2H Ultimate Weekend Package cost $245 per person (based on double occupancy). Tickets and more details are available at Ultimate-Weekend.com.

Or you could just win you’re way in.

Riding a motorcycle into Havasu could be the coolest way to make an entrance. But the fastest way to Havasu is by plane. And that’s the “Highway to Havasu” sweepstakes grand prize. Winner and a guest do Havasu is style. Private jet. Deluxe hotel. All access to everything. You’re a VIP at the best party in powersports.

Enter to win the “Highway to Havasu” grand prize at HighwaytoHavasu.com.

2012-highway-to-havasu-prize-alert-win-a-custom-painted-helmet (1)McGraw Powersports brings you all the fun at Lake Havasu. Plus serious coverage for your motorcycle, jet ski and anything else you can ride. McGraw has been insuring riders for over 30 years – they’re experts that know how to do it right. You can get a quote now at McGrawDirect.com.