SMRi Strives to Strengthen Sturgis Rally

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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc. (SMRi), a non-profit that legally owns the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally trademarks, is working to facilitate the vitality and success of the most prestigious motorcycle rally in the world – the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

In the past, SMRi has helped promote, grow, and strengthen the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and will continue forward this August. And with the thriving of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally arrives the thriving of the greater Sturgis area.

Through the development of a licensing program related to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally trademarked brand, SMRi is dedicated to maximizing the value of the intellectual property of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and allocating its revenue in the community to help fuel the local economy.

The 2011 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was a banner year with strong participation and support for the licensing program and the growth of SMRi’s brands. Hundreds of retailers carried officially licensed product during last year’s rally in order to give back to the area that provides a haven for bikers from all over the world.

As a result, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc. donated $53,000 to Sturgis Rally Charities Foundation in December 2011, which is tasked with improving the quality of life for residents in and around the Sturgis community. This donation was in conjunction with SMRi’s overall goal to give back to the Black Hills, a community that gave birth to and has supported the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for decades.

SMRi is committed to making charitable contributions to further the health of the Black Hills community through well known organizations such as Sturgis Rally Charities, Inc. SMRi understands that a strong, stable, healthy community year-round is what keeps the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally strong decade after decade.

SMRi is encouraged by the level of licensee sales leading up the 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and believes that this year will showcase an even greater level of participation in the licensing program.

Dean Kinney (SMRi Chairman) says: “Our greatest charge at SMRi is to carry the Sturgis® name and brand to the next level so we can give back even more to the community.”

SMRi has the exclusive right to use the trademarks Sturgis and Black Hills in conjunction with Sturgis Motorcycle Rally goods and services, and otherwise so as to prevent consumer confusion and false advertising. They look forward to continuing to invest in the Sturgis-area community and local charitable causes through royalties generated through licensing and sponsorship activities.

About SMRi
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, inc. (SMRi) is a not-for-profit 501(c) 6 organization with no owners or shareholders and a volunteer board. The group’s primarily responsibilities are to promote, grow and strengthen the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and provide a charitable return for the greater Sturgis area through the development of a licensing program related to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The board positions represent a variety of organizations and interests in the Sturgis area, including the Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce, City of Sturgis, the primary motorcycle manufacturer for the rally, the primary licensee, rally and non-rally-oriented businesses.