Brock’s Congratulates Land-Speed Record Setters

Loring Timing Association’s Maine Event

Brock’s Performance proudly congratulates the land-speed racers who used an array of its off-the-shelf products to score 15 records at the Loring Timing Association’s Maine Event, which took place July 14 and 15 at Loring Air Force Base, in Limestone, Maine.

The meet was highlighted by Bill Warner’s 290.295 mph pass on a highly modified Suzuki Hayabusa-based racebike. From a standing start, it charged to the highest top speed ever recorded for a sit-on motorcycle in a one-mile sprint.

Making his comeback after a violent wreck nine months ago that would have led mere mortals to retire, Warner quickly got up to speed and broke his previous one-mile record by 12 mph – this time in fifth gear, no less, after missing a shift when trying to engage sixth. The turbocharged, methanol-fueled, 586 lb., 8 ft.-long monster makes 1000 horsepower and rolls on DOT-approved BST carbon-fiber wheels with World Wide bearings that accelerate and decelerate quicker and more efficiently than heavier metal rims.

Warner took his home-built machine to an incredible 311 mph last year at Loring. Still undergoing physical therapy for his injuries, this modest Florida fish farmer and marine biologist was admittedly nervous getting back in the saddle: “When I got to the starting line, the bad thoughts began to fade away. Once the clutch lever was halfway out, the racer in me took over. Then, I just enjoyed the ride. I’m happy with 290 mph, but could have gone faster if I didn’t make any mistakes.”

Racheal Johnson had near-perfect runs on her street-legal 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R, which was outfitted exclusively with Brock’s Performance bolt-on parts. She set a class record for her blazing one-mile standing start, joining Loring’s exclusive 200 mph club after six years of land speed racing with a 206.528 mph trip across the finish line. On this same pass, Johnson held the throttle to the stops for another half mile, ringing up a terminal velocity of 212.898 mph and engraving her name in the history books once more. Recognized as the world’s fastest ZX-14R, her bike doesn’t have any major modifications, it’s simply fitted with BST wheels with World Wide ceramic bearings, a Brock’s CT Megaphone exhaust, low-friction chain, lowering kit, steering stabilizer and clutch mods.

What it’s like being a woman in what is generally considered a man’s sport? “I was a tomboy growing up,” said the gas technician from Virginia, “so I don’t give it too much thought. I love the sport and am addicted to speed. It’s way cool to have the fastest ZX-14R in the world.”

Speed freak Greg Neal and his TLN Motorsports team set 15 records on the 14,200 ft.-long, 300 ft.-wide runway. Piloting a 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R, Neal put a dozen in the books while competing on both courses using BST carbon-fiber wheel with World Wide ceramic bearings and a Brock’s Performance ShortMeg exhaust system. Prior to adding this pipe, the 40-year racing veteran’s best top speed was 205 mph. At Loring, he shattered this number by going 208.212 mph on the 1.5-mile course. As if 12 records weren’t enough, he piloted a Kawasaki ZX-6 to another three on the short and long courses.

“I am overwhelmed by it all. Every run was special,” said the retired military man from North Carolina. “We support the Wounded Warrior Project. Our record-breaking success helps us keep this charity in the public eye. The men and women in this program are our heroes. We all owe them so much.”

Dan Millholland, who works with Kawasaki’s Consumer Events team, also got in on the action. His record-breaking run was a 1.5-mile, 207.994 mph pass on his 2009 ZX-14, which uses BST Wheels with World Wide ceramic bearings and a Brock’s CT Single exhaust

Brock’s Performance President Brock Davidson, a license-holding member of land-speed racing’s 200 mph club, is ecstatic with these achievements: “From top pros to average Joes, our land-speed racers have been rewriting the record books for years. I’m proud of every one of them.

“We have a well-deserved reputation for using the exact same parts on our race bikes that we sell to the general public. These world records weren’t set with one-off exotic products, they were pulled from our shelves just like any others, even the highly stressed BST wheels. For two seasons, Bill’s 1000-horsepower turbo bike has been using the same 8.5 in. x 18 in. carbon rear rim that most custom sportbikes and V-MAX power cruisers roll on. When world-class racers have such success on the track, it builds tremendous confidence in our street products.”

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