Dainese/AGV: Trade Old Gear, Get 20% Off


Dainese “Start Again with Renewed Safety” Campaign

Note: This is only for European customers, and not available in the USA…

Dainese and AGV have partnered with ILP (Italian Legendary Protection) brand to offer a new campaign, “Start again with renewed safety.”

It’s simple – those wishing to renew their current motorcycle apparel can hand in their old gear (helmet or apparel of any brand) and receive 20 percent of the purchase of a new Dainese or AGV product of the same type handed in.

This campaign, which runs until Aug. 31, 2012, will be held at any Dainse D-Store, and Dainese and AGV retailers participating in the initiative. And all types of gear are included in the campaign, from scooter to full race apparel.

Dainese says the campaign was “created with the aim of encouraging the purchase of latest generation motorcycle gear, consequently integrated with newer protections and in line with the latest version of European standards.”

For additional information and a list of retailers participating in the event, log onto dainese.com or agv.com.