MSF: ‘Fool’s Gear, Cool Gear’ Video


Motorcycle Safety Foundation Safety Video

Most motorcyclists have heard the “ATGATT” saying; it actually one of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s simple rules: “Wear all the gear, all the time – Always wear a DOT-compliant helmet and eye protection, as well as over-the-ankle boots, gloves, riding jacket and pants.”

And now, the MSF offers an interactive way of sending this ATGATT message through a recently released video on its website and YouTube channel – “Fool’s Gear, Cool Gear.”

The information video takes riders on a guided tour of protective gear on the body, from head to toe. A huge point the MSF makes is that with the selection of gear currently available, riders can look stylish while being protected.

Ken Glaser (Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Director of Special Projects) says: “We set out to make a unique video that motorcyclists would remember long after they watch it, The eye protection scene alone is so simple, yet so very effective in demonstrating the benefits of wearing eye protection.”

Here are other simple rules from the MSF for safe and enjoyable riding:

  • Get properly trained and licensed – Take an MSF RiderCourseSM and obtain the appropriate motorcycle license endorsement from your state.
  • Ride unimpaired by alcohol or other drugs – Riding under the influence dramatically decreases a rider’s necessary skills, especially vision and judgment.
  • Ride within your own skill limits and obey traffic laws – Every rider should know their personal limits, and never ride faster or farther than their abilities can handle.
  • Be a lifelong learner by taking refresher RiderCourses – Riding skills are perishable, so take an occasional refresher course. No matter how often or how long you’ve been riding, there is always room to learn something new.

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