Ohlins Releases TTX36 MKII Sportbike Shock

Ohlins Suspension

Leading the high expectations of high performance, Ohlins now has an upgraded version available of its already innovative twin-tube shock, known as the TTX36 MKII.

The TTX36 has been the dominating shock in the AMA Superbike Series since its introduction in 2006, winning the 2011 Superbike and overall SuperSport championships, and scoring the most points in Daytona Sportbike.

For 2012, the TTX36 MKII raises the level of Ohlins performance yet higher by integrating internal improvements with exacting external details.

The upgrades of the TTX36 MKII include a new piston with a redesigned band that’s solid to reduce free play for better bump absorption, and proprietary carbon steel bodies for the inner and outer tubes. This meticulous specification of material results in unprecedented damping consistency, maintaining high tolerances during the duress of racetrack extremes. Additional improvements include redesigned damping check valves and valve spring rates for improved management of the inertia of oil flow.

The signature external identity of the Öhlins TTX36 MKII is in its redesigned, side-by-side damper adjusters. The dynamic improvements of the TTX36 MKII include less hysteresis, freedom from cavitation, and completely isolated rebound and compression damping functions. What this results in is the most important detail for every racer or rider: improved and predictable traction.

Pre-season testing of the TTX36 MKII by riders in the AMA Superbike series is ongoing and has already resulted in highly positive reviews. One team has remarked that its bikes’ issues of corner-exit stability and grip have suddenly been resolved. More tests will be completed soon.

The Öhlins TTX36 MKII shocks are available now for all current and many recent late-model sportbikes. The TTX36 MKII MSRP is $1,457.00. Please call your local Öhlins dealer for specific stocking availability.

For further information, contact Ohlins USA at 828-692-4525, or online at Ohlinsusa.com.