2012 Alaska Deadhorse Motorcycle Rally

2012 Deadhorse Rally

Deadhorse, Alaska, also known as Prudhoe Bay, has long been known as one of the ultimate destinations for motorcycle adventurers.

It is as far north on the North American Continent as a motorcyclist can pilot a motorcycle. The road to reach Deadhorse is also over and through some of the most dangerous riding conditions on the earth.

The Deadhorse Rally will start June 15, from Fairbanks, Alaska and take four riding days to reach the edge of the earth at Deadhorse, and then return to Fairbanks.

The most difficult section, the 414 miles of the Dalton Highway, can present motorcyclists with everything from raging forest fires to ice and snow covered road surfaces.

Continual road construction and changing weather conditions make the portion of the Dalton Highway north of the Arctic Circle one of the most treacherous challenges an experienced motorcyclist can face in their riding lifetime.

According to Dr. Gregory W. Frazier, author and moto-journalist known as “America’s #1 extreme adventure motorcyclist,” and a veteran of 10 expeditions to Deadhorse, “This one section of road can humble the most prepared or dedicated adventurist. Even in June, when weather conditions can potentially be at their best, the Alaska environment can make the Dalton Highway a Hades without fire, an immediate adventure stopper.”

The Deadhorse Rally has been designed for the experienced motorcycle rider. While open to any make or model of motorcycle, entry in and continuance during the Deadhorse Rally will be subject to the decision of the Rally Master, “Scooter” Welsh, and a long time resident of Fairbanks, Alaska. Welsh has seen many riders on a wide variety of motorcycles attempt to conquer the Dalton Highway and fail, so Welsh well knows what can face a good rider.

A unique opportunity for adventure riders to test their equipment and themselves, the Deadhorse Rally also offers entrants the camaraderie associated with the risk of facing danger while riding to the edge of the earth. They also become the first to participate in a motorcycle “cyber motorcycle rally,” a new concept unique to the Great American Motorcycle Adventures, Inc.

For Alaska motorcycle adventure seekers wishing to connect before leaving the Lower 48 a “Pre-Rally” meeting point has been slated at the new Alaska Motorcycle Outfitters Center at the Happy Trails Company in Boise, Idaho June 7, 2012. More information can be found at happy-trail.com.

The Deadhorse Rally enjoys the distinction of being an opportunity for good motorcycle riders to test their mettle and that of their motorcycle against extremes that can only be found in “America’s Last Frontier,” Alaska. Rally organizers say, “It is not a guided tour or ride, it is a motorcycle adventure closer to an individual expedition that tests the abilities of rider and their equipment, the ultimate adventure ride.”

Deadhorserally.com will be the new cyber home for “the fraternity of advanced Alaska motorcycle adventure seekers,” those who have tagged the edge of the earth, joined a select group of avid motorcyclists.