Stage 7: 2012 Dakar Highlights (Video)

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2012 Dakar Rally Video

MRW Red Bull AMV KTM’s Marc Coma took his third-stage win (seven) Saturday after taking the 356-mile Copiapo to Copiapo loop by over two minutes on his teammate and rival, Cyril Despres.

Following in third in Stage Seven was Husqvarna’s Paulo Gonclaves, who finished 2:49 behind Coma.

With the Stage Seven victory, Coma and Despres now have three-stage wins apiece, the same number of Dakar titles they also hold apiece.

But Coma still has much work ahead of him to get near the Frenchman Despres; after seven of 14 stages, Despres has an overall lead of 7:48 over Coma. The nearest competitor, Yamaha’s Helder Rodrigues, is nearly 50 minutes behind Despres. In fourth overall is Gonclaves, who is 55:33 behind, and in fifth is David Casteu, who is 1:05:38.

Attached above is a video, highlighting Stave Seven of 2012 Dakar Rally.