Sturgis Rally Inc. Donates $50K to Charity

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc. (SMRi) has donated $50,000 to Sturgis Rally Charities Foundation, which is tasked with improving the quality of life for residents in and around the Sturgis community.

The donation is in conjunction with SMRi’s overall goal to give back to the Black Hills, a community that gave birth to and has supported the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for decades. SMRi is dedicated to distributing revenue in the community and helping fuel the local economy by protecting the Sturgis Rally Trademarks.

SMRi is committed to making charitable contributions to further the health of the Black Hills community through well-known organizations such as the Sturgis Rally Charities Foundation. SMRi understands that a strong, stable, healthy community year-round is what keeps the Sturgis Rally strong decade after decade.

Dean Kinney (Chariman of SMRi) says: "We feel that the Sturgis Rally Charities foundation is a great way to keep money generated by the Sturgis trademarks in the Black Hills, which is the foundation of the overall mission of SMRi. The volunteer board of SMRi has put in countless hours over the year, and being able to give back to the community makes it all worth it. The 2011 Sturgis Rally was a banner year with strong participation in and support for the licensing program and the growth of SMRi’s brands.

"We thank the hundreds of retailers that carry Officially Licensed Product and look forward to being able to continue to give back to a place that we call home."

SMRi was created as a non-profit to support the local community through management of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the intellectual property associated with it to facilitate the vitality and relevance of the most prestigious motorcycle rally in the world.

Sturgis Rally Charities Inc. gives to organizations that improve the quality of life for residents in and around the Sturgis South Dakota Area.