Edelweiss: Triumph Triday European Tour

Edelweiss Motorcycle Tour

Enjoy the world’s largest gathering of Triumph motorcycles on the Tridays Tour Newchurch. The Triumph Tridays, the biggest Triumph motorcycle meeting in the world is the destination for these tours.

The town of Neukirchen in Austria even changes its name into Newchurch for this special event.

Edelweiss World Tours and Triumph Motorcycles have gotten together to offer motorcycle enthusiasts a 4-Choice range of very affordable tours to attend the world’s largest gathering of Triumph enthusiasts called Triday at the town of Neukirchen in the Austrian Alps.

The tour dates range between June 17 – 29 of 2012. Three of the Tours start at the Triumph Factory in Hinckley, England, where you’ll take a factory tour and pick up a new Triumph motorcycle before.

From there you’ll head for the English Channel, catch a ferry boat at Dover to Calais in France, then travel across central Europe through Belgium Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can choose to end the tour at Neukirchen, or return back across the Alps and central Europe on a different route to the Triumph factory in England.

Along the way Edelweiss will provide a route Tour Guide for your group, the Channel ferry ride, overnight accommodations in comfortable hotels, and morning breakfasts. Tours are priced at US $630 for 4 days to $2,520 for the full 13 days, plus the rental motorcycle (a Triumph Tiger 800/XC with other models on request) cost of $2,210 delivered to tour start hotel and return at tour end hotel.

For complete information and to book your reservations visit the Edelweiss website.


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