Justin ImHof: JCR Honda CRF250R Raffle


JCR Honda CRF250R Raffle

JCR Honda has built a special-edition 2012 Honda CRF250 R to raffle off, the proceeds supporting the recovery of Justin ImHof, who was severely injured during the 2010 Baja 1000?

JCR Honda says 100-percent of the proceeds goes directly to the recovery of Justin ImHof. Tickets for the Honda CRF250R, which features custom JCR/Honda graphics, will be $100 each, and the drawing will occur at the Johnny Campbell Christmas Grand Prix on Dec. 11.

JCR says 200 tickets will be sold, and the winner doesn’t have to be present at the Christmas party to win. To purchase tickets, visit TrueChampion.org or JCRHonda.com and click on the win this bike graphic.

Johnny Campbell (Owner, JCR Honda) says: “Justin is an inspiration to me and so many people. He is the most determined kid I have ever come across. Please support Justin by purchasing a ticket for this raffle.”

Following is an update from Justin imHof’s mother, Karen:

When Justin was racing in the 2010 Baja 1000 crashed and he landed mostly on the right upper portion of his body, his ribs, arm, neck, shoulder, scapula and head were all injured. His arm doesn’t work as of yet, the injury he has is called brachial plexus.

The nerves in his arm are damaged, so the brain cannot communicate with the arm and tell it to function properly.

Speech is still difficult for him so he attends speech therapy. He also attends occupational therapy and physical therapy and continues to improve, never giving up. This kid is able to do one armed push-ups with his left arm and kick out a bunch of sit ups with a 20 lbs. weight on his stomach. He always says, “If there is a will, there is a way.”

Justin just underwent a 7 hour double nerve transfer surgery at UCLA with our amazing doctor, Dr. Nader Pouratian to help repair his right arm. He was suppose to stay three days in the hospital, but was out of the hospital by 1 the next day.

Seriously, he is one tough kid, he never complains of pain and never says “I can’t.” When asked if he wanted pain medication for home, he said “No.” I didn’t even fill the prescription, because I knew he wouldn’t take it.

Justin is in the process of being accepted to Coastline Community College and if all works out, he will start attending in January 2012. Coastline has a brain injury program and he will benefit tremendously from this cognitive program.

Justin is a miracle. Going from being in a coma for 20 days, on life support, a ventilator, feeding tube and a screw in his skull to measure pressure in the brain. He is now driving himself to the many, many medical appointments.

Yes, he did have to relearn how to walk, eat, and tend to the normal daily hygiene routines. He is able to text left handed on his iphone and loves to communicate on Facebook. Show your support and friend Justin on Facebook either on Team Justin Im Hof or Justin Im Hof.

He is ALWAYS shining with that huge “Justin” smile. He believes he was “reborn” on November 18, 2010 the date of his accident.

With your support Justin can continue his much needed speech and therapy sessions along with any possible upcoming surgeries.

Team ImHof is truly blessed to have the support from the entire Off-Road community, his friends and his family.


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