2011 SCORE Baja 1000: JCR/Honda Teams

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SCORE Baja 1000

The largest and most difficult Off-Road race in the world, the SCORE Baja 1000 in Mexico, is only days away and the JCR/Honda squad is focused on winning. The teams have been prerunning and are prepared for battle.

JCR/Honda will field two competitive teams: the firstst team consists of Baja dominators Kendall Norman, Quinn Cody and new young blood, Logan Holladay. The defending SCORE Baja 1000 champions are running the 1X plate synonymous with JCR/Honda’s legacy of success in Baja.

JCR’s second team consists of the current SCORE points leader Colton Udall, David Kamo and features the return to Baja, of JCR/Honda’s own Timmy Weigand. The team will be running the 0X plate in honor of Jeff “OX” Kargola.

Johnny Campbell (JCR Honda Owner) says: “The challenge and adventure of racing the Baja 1000 is impossible to compare to anything else. To win you need to be tougher, faster and more prepared than everyone else.

“That’s why the Baja 1000 is the ultimate proving ground for man and machine. We are proud of the brands that work with us all year long and this is our opportunity to once again prove that they are the best. We are racing with two of the best teams we have ever had. The bikes (Honda CRF450X) built by Eric Siraton are faster than ever and I am expecting it will be a very competitive race to the finish.”

Photo: Mark Kariya