King Roberts on Yamaha YZR500 (Video)

2011-motogp-roberts-on-yamaha-yzr500-video (1)

Yamaha MotoGP Anniversary

When “King” Kenny Roberts was asked to pilot his championship-winning 1980 World Championship Yamaha YZR500 around Laguna Seca, the MotoGP champion had no qualms, wanting to please the crowd.

And this is just what Roberts did; the 59-year-old Modesto, Calif., native pleased the crowd as he rode the YZR500 around the Laguna Seca circuit and its famed corkscrew during the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix in July.

The attached video shows three-time 500cc GP Champion Kenny Roberts at Laguna Seca aboard the YZR500, which was ridden while Yamaha was celebrating its 50th year in GP racing.

Bob Starr (General Manager, Communications for Yamaha) says: “These very special on track activities are part of our plans to celebrate Yamaha’s prestigious 50th Anniversary of World Grand Prix racing. We are truly honored to have Kenny in our family and he continues to give back to his fans as he has done for so long.”


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