Aerostich LokSaks Motorcycle Sealable Bags

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Motorcycle Storage

The new Aerostich LokSaks re-sealable bags for storing away important items while motorcycling are much more than a glorified freezer or sandwich bag.

The Aerostich LokSaks are made from an entirely different kind of material than “plastic” bags: It’s thicker, softer, a bit rubberier and much more durable. They offer re-sealable, element-proof, hermetically sealed storage, certified to 200 feet underwater, and they are tough enough to handle years of use and abuse.

The LokSaks are perfect for the motorcyclist who needs to store wallets, important paperwork or expensive electronics.

Available in multiple sizes, the 9″x6″ version securely houses a Kindle and the 12″x12″ model will fit an iPad (or Kindle DX) perfectly, and is great for protecting important papers or maps also.

The 6″x12″ size fits perfectly inside the large cargo pocket on a Aerostich jacket such as the Roadcrafter or Darien, while the 4.5″x7″ size works perfectly with the ShieldSak (#9272), a flexible radio frequency shield that keeps electronic data embedded in passports, mobile devices and credit cards protected from would-be identity thieves.

LokSaks are durable, re-sealable, food-safe envelopes, available in convenient three packs. When it comes to superior storage, these are state-of-the-art.

Aerostich LokSaks:

  • 5″x4″ #9273 $7.00
  • 4.5″x7″ #9274 $7.00
  • 6″x12″ #9275 $9.00
  • 9″x6″ #9276 $9.00
  • 12″x12″ #9277 $12.00
  • ShieldSak #9272 $34.00

For additional information, visit Aerostich.