Zero Motorcycles: Ring Sponsor for HOF

Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Electric motorcycle leader Zero Motorcycles will serve as the official ring sponsor for the 2011 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Friday, Nov.18, in Las Vegas, Nev., the Motorcycle Hall of Fame announced Friday.

The rings will be presented to the Class of 2011 and two Hall of Fame Legends during the AMA Legends & Champions Weekend extravaganza at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa.

The prestigious Motorcycle Hall of Fame ring is a symbol of the significant contributions made by an inductee to the sport, business and lifestyle of motorcycling. The gold ring, which was created exclusively for the Hall of Fame, bears the institution’s logo, the "Glory Days" design and the name of the inductee.

Jeff Heininger (Chairman of the American Heritage Foundation) says: "It’s wonderful to see that a company so focused on the future of motorcycling has chosen to honor the individuals who are responsible for our past by supporting the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

"As the sponsor of the Hall of Fame rings for this year’s inductees, Zero will be an integral part of an event that has become a must-do on everyone’s motorcycling calendar."

The gala ceremony, which takes place Friday evening, Nov. 18, at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa, is the first of three events occurring during the AMA Legends & Champions Weekend. Saturday, Nov. 19, features the Dave Mungenast Memorial Motorcycle Hall of Fame Concours d’Elegance bike show, and the end-of-year AMA Racing Championship Banquet rounds out the celebration on Sunday, Nov. 20.

Scot Harden, Zero Motorcycles VP of Global Marketing and a member of the Hall of Fame himself, said that honoring this year’s inductees was only natural, and that Zero is proud to be a part of the event.

Scot Harden says: "The Motorcycle Hall of Fame has done a tremendous job elevating the stature and magnitude of the induction ceremony over the past few years. The event in Las Vegas is a first-class affair. Any motorcyclist would be proud to attend and judging by the growing turn out, many are. Zero is grateful for the opportunity to show its support for the Hall of Fame and the legends of the sport who so rightfully will be honored."

The Motorcycle Hall of Fame class of 2011 includes former Cycle magazine Managing Editor Phil Schilling, industry leader Fred Fox, roadracing champion Doug Polen, early motorcycling pioneer Norbert Schickel and longtime motocross promoter Stu Peters.

In addition to welcoming the class of 2011, two celebrated Hall of Famers will be acknowledged as Hall of Fame Legends on Friday evening: roadracing champion and team owner Kenny Roberts, and motocross champion and team manager Roger DeCoster.

Advance ticket prices for the AMA Legends & Champions weekend are $125 for the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and $75 for the AMA Racing Championship Banquet. Tickets to the Dave Mungenast Memorial Motorcycle Hall of Fame Concours d’Elegance are $10 for attendees of either banquet, and $20 for general admission.

General admission tickets are now available through, and  here, or by calling (800) 262-5646. AMA Life Members and existing Motorcycle Hall of Famers are encouraged to ask about special pricing for all events.

Reservations at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa are available now at a special group rate by calling (866) 767-7773 and referencing group AMA or AMERICANMOTO. Online room reservation is available at here.