MotoGP: VR46 Rossi Mugello Helmet Pics


Every year at Mugello MotoGP, Valentino Rossi unveils a new and sometimes wacky graphic on his AGV helmet.

At Sunday’s MotoGP in his native Italy, Rossi’s AGV was donning a large eyeball with the nine-time World Champion’s own blue pupil. Besides the pupil, Rossi also had an Italian flag, celebrating the country’s 150th avvinversary of unification, and also two of Rossi’s dogs, the pic taken by the "Doctor" himself.

Dainese says: "The helmet, which was produced in collaboration with Aldo Drudi’s studio, has a double meaning: the first is ‘ook out because Mugello can hurt you,’ referring to the accident that changed his luck in the last MotoGP season, while the second meaning is ‘watch out because sooner or later things will turn around.’

Valentino Rossi (Ducati Team MotoGP) says: "Mugello has always represented a very special appointment for a thousand reasons, and producing this helmet was a great idea, in line with our way of doing things!"

The MotoGP VR46 pictures above show the helmet up close.