Isle of Man TT: Supersport 2 Results

2011 Isle of Man TT

From the outset of the second Isle of Man TT Supersport race Thursday, Gary Johnson was untouchable en route to his first-ever TT win.

On the first of four laps at the 37.73-mile Mountain Course, The East Coast Construction Honda CBR600 rider had three seconds on the second rider by the first checkpoint at Glen Helen. Johnson would end up winning by 8.4 seconds over 16-time IOMTT winner John McGuinness on the Honda TT Legends CBR600.

Taking the final podium position in Thursday’s IOMTT Supersport 2 race, which was rescheduled for Thursday due to rain on Wednesday, was fan-favorite Guy Martin on the Relentless Suzuki GSX-R600.

When the race got underway, many were expecting top performance from Supersport race-1 winner Michael Dunlop. But the Street Sweep Yamaha YZF-R6 IOMTT rider had some issues and stopped at Ballacraine to make some adjustments on the bike. Due to making adjustments, Dunlop’s first lap was over 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, Johnson was ripping through the IOMTT Mountain Course, the Lincolnshire rider averaging 125.587 on the first lap, although McGuinness ultimately held the fastest at 125.629 mph. Behind, the race was between McGuinness, Martin, Cameron Donald (Honda) Bruce Anstey (Padgetts Honda) and Dan Kneen (Mark Bloom Racing Yamaha); all four were separated by just six seconds.

By the second IOMTT Supersport 2 lap, Johnson was 15 seconds ahead of McGuinness, who completed his 50th TT race Thursday. The lead group would spread apart a bit heading into the final lap, with Donald almost 11 seconds behind Johnson. But just when he looked ot be taking second, Donald’s Honda had some issues. At signpost, Donald retired from the IOMTT Supersport 2 race.

This gave second to McGuinness, with Martin taking third. Rounding out the top five were McGuinness’ teammate Keith Amor and Supersport 1 race-winner Anstey, respectively.

There was a bit of controversy, though. Many IOMTT riders reported that red flags were not displayed correctly at Ramsey and Union Mills, which brings into question the race results. 

With his second-place finish, McGuinness now has 76 points. McGuinness, who won Saturday’s Dainese 6-lap Superbike race, leads his teammate Amor by 17 points.

2011 Isle of Man TT: Supersport 2 Results, June 8

  1. Gary Johnson / East Coast Construction Honda CBR600
  2. John McGuinness / Padgetts Honda CBR600
  3. Guy Martin / Relentless Suzuki GSX-R 600
  4. Keith Amor / Padgetts Honda CBR600
  5. Bruce Anstey / Honda / KBMG Racing
  6. Conor Cummins / McAdoo Kawasaki Racing ZX-6R
  7.  Ben Wylie / Yamaha YZF-R6
  8. Roy Richardson / Yamaha / Barnes Racing YZF-R6
  9. James Hillier / Bournemouth Kawasaki ZX-6R
  10.  Mark Buckley / Energy Armor Racing Kawasaki ZX-6R