American Chopper: June 6, 2011 Recap

Senior Vs. Junior: Episode 7, Season 2

Tonight’s episode of American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior was the continuation and conclusion of the Cadillac bike build; during the build, Orange County Choppers and Paul Junior Designs went head-to-head.

Towards the end of last week’s American Chopper, Junior saw that someone was looking in his windows at the shop so he blacked out the windows. The storyline continued this week when someone was at Orange County Choppers taking pictures. Senior thinks that Pauly is sending his spy team over.

To add entertainment instead of drama Senior approaches Jason to complete a recon mission against Junior. Senior and Jason dress in full camo suits, cut into PJD’s fence and then hang a sign that says, See What Happens Larry, I like the black but what’s with the Indian motor? It was all to make Pauly paranoid.

Some of the boys from Cure Duchenne came to visit OCC. Paul Senior and Jason helped the boys build a bike using the computer. As a group they picked the components and color schemes that they wanted. Once they finished OCC gave them a print out of the bike they designed signed by Paul Teutul Sr.

The Cure Duchenne boys also took a trip to Paul Jr. Designs, where Michael did some arts and crafts with them. Paul Jr. shows everyone around to look at the bikes. While there the spokeswoman for Cure Duchenne explains that one in 3,000 boys are born with Duchenne. They give a big thanks to Cadillac for acknowledging the disease and trying to raise money towards research.

Cadillac invites OCC and PJD to drive the Cadillac CTSV around Monticello Motor Club in New York. Four guys from OCC: Paul Sr., Rick, Storm, and Mike are competing against four guys from Paul Jr. Designs: Paul Jr., Vinnie, Cody, and Brendon.

Senior’s time was a 3.10. He makes the comment that Pauly won’t take risks and he won’t beat his time, but this was wrong…

The team’s times were combined, and Paul Junior Designs beat Orange County Choppers by 9 seconds. Storm had the fastest time, and Paul Jr. beat Paul Sr.’s time. OCC isn’t happy that they lost but they said they will not lose the bike build.

The Orange County Choppers bike is completed and ready to go, however over at Paul Junior Designs there is a major problem. The assembly is complete but again the bike won’t start. They are thinking it is an ignition problem. Finally on day six the ignition was replaced and the PJD Cadillac bike fired up.

There is such tension waiting to see both bikes; father and son ride towards each other at the unveil in Detroit, Michigan. Paul Senior is a little nervous because he has only seen Pauly Jr. a couple of times in the last two years. After both bikes are revealed Senior and Junior discuss the details of their bikes.

The winner has not been named yet but several opinions are shown at the end of the show. If you would like to give your opinion go to to vote for Senior or Junior’s bike.

In other show news, the settlement talk reared its ugly head again. It is appears that an end is near. Both Teutul men want this to be over and to get on with their lives. Again, American Chopper fans must await the final outcome…