News Japan April Motorcycle Exports: -31.4%

Japan April Motorcycle Exports: -31.4%

2011 Motorcycle Exports/Production

On Tuesday, the Japan Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (JAMA) released statistics the number of motorcycles exported and produced in the country for the month of April, 2011.

As the country continues to recover from the March 11 Earthquake, motorcycle exports and production numbers are again on the decline as they were last month.

April Japan Motorcycle Export

As for motorcycles exported, 31,435 units were recorded in the month of April,ccompared with the 45,857 during for the same month of the previous year. This is a decrease of 14,422 motorcycles, or 31.4 percent.

50cc or under class 165 units, down 227 units or 57.9%
51 – 125cc class 1,855 units, down 1,482 units or 44.4%
126 – 250cc class 5,133 units, down 904 units or 15.0%
Over 250cc class 24,282 units, down 11,809 units or 32.7


JAMA reported that the value of motorcycle exported in April was $358.693 million including $206.617 million for motorcycles and $152.076 million for parts. This is a decrease of $62.707 million or 14.9% as compared with $421.40 million recorded for the same month of the previous year.


April 2011 Motorcycle Export Figures by Export Destination
Units Chg. from prev. year (%)
Asia 3,859 94.3
Middle-East 429 327.5
Europe 12,513 45.2
(EU) 12,005 44.7
North America 8,302 139.6
(U.S.A). 7,632 155.5
Latin America 3,753 183.6
Africa 1,579 70.2
Oceania 1,000 26.9
Others 0 0
Total 31,435 68.6

Reference: April 2011 Motorcycle Export Figures by Manufacturer

Motorcycle April 2011
Units Chg. from prev. year (%)
Honda 7,529 69.3
Suzuki 11,841 104.4
Yamaha 5,836 35.7
Kawasaki 6,229 85.3
Total 31,435 68.6


April Japan Motorcycle Production

As for motorcycle production in Japan, the country produced 43,741 units compared to 54,822 during the same month of the previous year. This is a decrease of 11,081 motorcycles, or 20.2 percent.

50cc or under 7,028 units, up 740 units or 11.8%
51 – 125cc 2,984 units, down 1,561 units or 34.3%
126 – 250cc 5,388 units, down 1,109 units or 17.1%
Over 250cc 28,341 units, down 9,151 units or 24.4%


Motorcycle Production has been on the decline on the same month of the previous year for four consecutive months.

Although production numbers are down, domestic sales of motorcycles grew 10 percent (34,231 units) as compared to the same month last year.


50cc or under 24,558 units, up 25.4%
51 – 125cc 5,722 units, down 10.2%
126 – 250cc 2,190 units, up 3.5%
Over 250cc 1,761 units, down 42.1%


Exports (result) stood at 68.6% as compared with the same month of the previous year.

Reference: Motorcycle Production Figures by Manufacturer

Motorcycle April 2011
Units Chg. from prev. year (%)
Honda 14,589 78.9
Suzuki 13,794 100.8
Yamaha 9,984 62.2
Kawasaki 5,370 81.7
Others 4 400
Total 43,741 79.8


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