Toni Bou: Trial Motorcycling at Camp Nou

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Toni Bou Trials Video

Before the Champions League Soccer finale kicks off at Camp Nou between FC Barcelona and the Manchester United, nine-time Trial World Championship rider Toni Bou got to do some practicing in the stadium.

Bou, who took his second victory of the season aboard the Repsol Trials bike at France last weekend, showed his exquisite balance at Camp Nou in Barcelona, jumping on the grandstands, stairs and handrails.

Repsol says: “Without touching the ground with his feet, the trial rider moved with astonishing spontaneity on the endless stairs, handrails and slopes of the Camp Nou stadium. This training session, held just a few days before the Champions League final match, was a singular experience for a rider used to do the impossible. Last year, Toni Bou was for one day just as any other Repsol worker, except that his working day took place completely on his trial bike.”

The Champion from Piera (Barcelona) will not miss the Wembley final and a few hours before the match he showed his support to the FC Barcelona spreading a shirt of the team in the third grandstand of the Camp Nou, the highest point of the stadium.

Toni Bou (Repsol Trial) says: “For a Barcelona fan as me, to be able to enter the Camp Nou with the trial bike is something very special. Only the fact of being in the stadium is beautiful and to be able to train here, which I think I am the first to do it, is a real privilege. My prediction for the match is that we are going to suffer, but we will win, I would say with 2 to 1. I think Messi and Iniesta, who is always a decisive player, will score. I still don’t know if my schedule will let me go to Wembley, but what I do know is that I will not miss the match.”

Attached is a video highlighting Bou’s performance at Camp Nou.