Husqvarna ‘Ride More’ USGP Demo

Husqvarna Motorcycles

Against the backdrop of the Glen Helen racetrack and the pageantry of the USGP, Husqvarna Motorcycles North America hosted their first “Ride More” demo ride.

A looping course winding through the Southern California foothills offered a variety of terrain, including a spin around the Lucas Oil off-road truck track, some sand wash, a bit of Bud’s Creek trail and a taste of some single-track trails.

The mains feature was running the ridgeline trail which allowed participants to feel how well Husky’s put power to the ground, finding great traction in the loosest of conditions.

This event featured the TE models to show test riders that this line of street-legal motorcycles are serious off-road machines, according to Husqvarna’s National Marketing Manager, Corey Eastman.

Corey Eastman says: “To Ride More enthusiasts need machines that are both capable and legal to ride, so the goal was to give people an opportunity to sling a leg over some brand new 2011 TE machines and experience how good Huskys really are in a wide variety of applications.”

“I’m already a Husky Kool-Aid drinker,” admits Robert Taccio from Brux, who drove all the way up for San Diego to demo the new bikes. “Three words from me 3 1 0… loved that thing!”

John Kneisly from nearby Norco agrees. “I have ridden hundreds of different bikes and owned three Husky’s over the years, so I was pleased to be selected for the demo ride. For me, the TE310 was the most fun, so I rode it around the selected loop twice! I found it easy to turn, had plenty of grunt for the uphill sections, hooked up and controlled well in the loose stuff. The TE449 was a close second pick,” adds the 5’9″ 200 lb. Super Senior Expert rider.

This event also gave participants the first chance to sample a Husqvarna TE250 Low. A concept developed to offer consumers who want modern engine performance, and quality components with a shorter seat height.

Corey Eastman says: “The goal was to create a motorcycle that fits a wider range of riders without all the compromises found in other products available today.” Reaction was positive with the Low bikes seeing constant action throughout the two days. Look for more information on these units soon!

“Everyone seemed to have a great time at our first demo event. We even had a couple of dealers come by to check out what they have been missing!”

Speaking of dealers, Eastman notes that Husqvarna is still offering 2.99% APR financing for 2011 machines and .99% for 2010 and earlier models through qualified Husqvarna dealers.

For more information on Husqvarna demo rides, to locate the dealer nearest you or to find out about the financing offers, click on the new Husqvarna NA website


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