Bismark AMA Enduro: Mullins Wins on KTM

2011 AMA National Enduro Series

Factory FMF/KTM rider Charlie Mullins won the fifth round of the AMA National Enduro Series held in Bismarck, AR while his teammate, Cory Buttrick, finished 2nd overall.

Rain the day before the race and the morning of had made the track quite muddy as the riders lined up for the start of the first test. Mullins got off to a great start in the first section winning the section by 19 seconds.

Charlie Mullins (KTM Enduro) says: “It was great to start off with a big win in the first test and it helped my confidence as we moved on to the second test sections.”

In the second test section Mullins lost his front in on the slippery course and lost a few seconds recovering from his crash. He still managed to finish the test with the second fastest time while Buttrick took the test win.

The third test of the day ended up being thrown out of the mix as a majority of the riders got lost on the course. Mullins stepped back up in the fourth test section and took the test win with Husaberg’s Mike Lafferty and Nick Fahringer tying for 2nd while Buttrick took 4th.

The final two test sections were very close with the top three riders finishing within a few seconds of each other. Mullins finished 3rd in both tests to earn the overall win while Buttrick put in his best effort to catch him finishing 2nd in the two sections to take 2nd overall.

The third member of the FMF/KTM Team, Russell Bobbitt, came into the fifth round with the points lead. Unfortunately, Bobbitt struggled on the slippery course as he tried to ride on an injured wrist from a riding accident three weeks back.

Russell Bobbitt (KTM Enduro) says: “I tried to play it safe today in order to not injure my wrist any worse than it is. Every point I can earn counts in this championship so I am happy I was able to finish safely. Luckily there is a few weeks break before the next round and I am hoping to be in better form for that round.”

Next AMA National Enduro Event: June 19, 2011 – Upton, Wyo.

2011 Bismark AMA National Enduro Overall Results –
1.) Charlie Mullins – 29:32
2.) Cory Buttrick – 30:02
3.) Mike Lafferty – 30:28
4.) Nick Fahringer – 31:23
5.) Thad Duvall – 31:35
6.) Rory Mead – 34:06
7.) Russell Bobbitt – 34:33
8.) Andrew Delong – 35:03
9.) Shane Hufford – 36:07
10.) Brad Bakken – 36:16

2011 AMA National Enduroa Overall Point Standings –
1.) Charlie Mullins – 125
2.) Russell Bobbitt – 122
3.) Cory Buttrick – 106
4.) Nick Fahringer – 93
5.) Brad Bakken – 79