American Chopper: May 16, 2011 Recap

Senior Vs. Junior: Episode 4, Season 2

This week’s American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior opened with Paul Teutul Jr. talking to his wife Rachael, and Paul Sr. speaking with his wife Beth regarding the lawsuit settlement.

Paul Sr. explains that his lawyers presented an offer to Paul Jr., whose lawyers countered Senior’s offer because they said it was too low.

Senior says that Paul Jr. may have been involved with the counter offer, but the next scene shows Junior explaining to Rachael that he didn’t see what his lawyers were up too. Paul Jr. is concerned that these offers could change as his father’s dynamics change. However Junior feels that this is positive movement in the overall lawsuit involving Senior Teutul trying to buy out Junior’s 20-percent.

Regarding the bikes, Paul Jr. Designs continued the double custom build for Crankyape. The team at PJD hopes to reveal both bikes at Daytona Bike Week.

Orange County Choppers also continueed the triple bike build for Trans Am Depot. OCC is planning the custom Pontiac-themed choppers at the same time as the cars. The first bike built was the one based on a 1977 Trans Am; the next will be the 1969 GTO Judge model and the the 1969 Trans Am.

Heartache hits Paul Teutul Sr. when he has to put his dog Gus to sleep. A tearful Senior explains that Gus has been battling cancer for the last year and it was starting to affect the quality of his life. Regardless of his strength as a bike builder, Paul Sr. did not want Gus to suffer.

Senior arrives at the shop to work because he needs to get his mind off of the loss of his dog. He breaks down when the team gives their condolences. He says the hardest part is talking to people about it, but he made a decision to come to work and not sit at home and sulk.

Senior reflects on how animals seem to touch your life more than people; they are always happy to see you and they are always there even if there is nothing in it for them. Later in the show, Paul Jr. tells Vinny that Gus died. They reminisce about memories of Gus.

Back at Paul Junior Designs, the group was impressed with the custom fenders and tank that were just delivered. Mikey arrives at the shop dressed in an ape costume throwing bananas around. Jokingly, Pauly contained Mikey in the shop because he was afraid the bikes would get damaged.

As the trailer is waiting to take the Crankyape bikes to Daytona, the auction bike won’t start. Vinny explains that the starter manufacturer is over nighting the part to Florida because the one in the bike is constantly engaged.

Back at OCC, the Senior and his guys finished the final bike (69 Trans Am). Senior is asked to help put a piece on the bike but it isn’t working. As they shimmy the jack back the frame starts to fall but there was no damage to the frame.

OCC is then shown in Boston, unveiling the three Trans Am Depot bikes with the cars at The Seaport World Trade Center. The crowd is amazed at how each bike simulates the car it models. Senior explains that it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun and Trans Am Depot is very satisfied with the bikes.

PJD is in Daytona working on replacing the new starter. Nerves were shot as they turned the throttle and attempted to crank the crankyape to life. After the bike finally started, the Paul Junior Designs’ team went riding on the scooters.

Again being the joker, Mikey unveils the charity bike in an ape suit. Paul Jr. then introduced Crankyape chopper. Members of the Crankyape team commended Paul Jr. on a great bike build and a successful business future.

American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior ends with Paul Sr. getting a message from Paul Jr. The message says that he is sorry about Gus and he knows how much his father had loved that dog. Junior tells him that is hard and will take time to get over.

Senior holds back tears as he explains how much it meant to him for Pauly to call even with everything else going on. Paul Sr. texted Junior back explaining that he appreciated the call. He said he wasn’t ready to talk to him or anyone for that matter regarding Gus.

Next week, the OCC crew heads up to Alaska to meet up with the Hillstrand brothers from Deadliest Catch. Then the Deadliest Catch Bike is built and unveiled at the CatchCon fan convention in Seattle.


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