Toni Bou Wins Germany Trial Championship

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2011 Trials World Championship

The 2011 Trial Outdoor World Championship got underway in the German city of Gefrees Sunday, with another positive start for Repsol’s Toni Bou.

With his Trials win in Germany, Bou has now taken the round for consecutive years. Repsol says “Despite the handicap of being forced to open de zones, very slippery due to last evening’s rain, Bou finished the first part in the lead and increased his advantage in the second.”

Finishing second at the Trial Outdoor World Championship was Albert Cabestany (Sherco), with Bou’s Repsol Montesa Honda teammate Takahisa Fujinami in third.

Toni Bou (Repsol Trials) says: “Being the first to go out, with no references apart from the visual ones, makes thinks very complicated and is tough. Specially if it has rained and you do not know how slippery they are.

“So it was a very difficult trials that we finished with the best possible outcome. Undoubtedly the best way to start the defense of the title against rivals that will not make thinks easy for us.”

The second round of the Outdoor Trail Championship will be the French Grand Prix next weekend in Bréal-sous-Montfort.

2011 Gefrees Germany Trial World Championship Results:
1. Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa Honda)
32 points
2. Albert Cabestany (Sherco)
42 points
3. Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Montesa Honda)
43 points
4. Adam Raga (Gas Gas)
50 points
5. Jeroni Fajardo (Ossa)2011-bou-wins-germany-trial-world-championship 2